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Drawing on the Jackson School’s unique geographical location and deep regional expertise, the Cybersecurity Initiative works to improve the exchange of research and expertise between higher education and the public and private sectors. The major components of the Cybersecurity Initiative are:

  1. Producing student and faculty written research briefs on pressing global cybersecurity policy issues,
  2. Facilitating the exchange of expertise between higher education and the public and private sectors through an Initiative built network of cybersecurity professionals,
  3. Creating innovative cybersecurity policy focused curriculum and learning opportunities for students.
  4. Integrating student researchers into the Initiative’s work, giving them valuable experience through intensive, mentored research experiences focused on tasks given to them by external partners.
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Cybersecurity Initiative Highlights

  • Southeast Asian
  • Chinese_keyboard_Mac_Closeup
  • North_Korea_Flag
  • stack_of_flipkart_packages
  • Twitter black and white
  • Electrical_Towers_Over_Rice_Field_India
  • Submarine_Cables_Map
  • Jackson School Applied Research Project students at Microsoft
  • Congressional team at UW Club on August 10 with UW professors for the Congressional Cybersecurity Bootcamp
  • Photo_of_East_Europe_from_the_International_Space_Station
  • North Korea leader Kim Jong Un
  • An image of three views of earn with binary code
  • Closeup_of_Crypto_rings_on_enigma_machine
  • Seal_of_the_United_States_National_Transportation_Safety_Board

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