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The Cybersecurity Initiative (CI) focuses on the challenges inherent to developing international cybersecurity norms. Cybersecurity issues of focus include differences in local connectivity and information and communication technology adoption practices as well as national-level beliefs about the appropriate use, form, and regulation of the Internet. Cybersecurity challenges also reveal the strengths and weaknesses of current international institutional arrangements for guaranteeing economic, social, and political well being in light of the ubiquity of information and communication technologies.

The increasing prevalence of cybersecurity issues in daily life indicates that the international and national governance of cybersecurity requires new institutional formulations—both formal and informal. Drawing on our unique geographical location and the deep regional expertise present in the Jackson School, the CI has formed a collaborative working group of academic experts in communications, information science, computer science and engineering, and international affairs together with business, military, and public policy makers (both national and international representatives) to formulate forward thinking models for comprehensively addressing cybersecurity challenges.

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Data Localization Laws and the International Movement of Information

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