Arctic Initiative

Scholarship-to-policy in the Arctic Minor

A key mandate for the International Policy Institute (IPI) is to generate more opportunities for students to engage in policy-relevant scholarship. One way we are working to institutionalize this goal is to grow our faculty’s ability to collaborate with IPI by introducing policy training and publishing opportunities for students in the Arctic minor courses. The Arctic minor, a joint offering with the School of Oceanography, is the first of its kind in the contiguous states training our young people to understand the complexities of this critical region of the world and its peoples. “Scholarship-to-policy in the Arctic minor” advances the education of the next generation of public intellectuals who need to possess knowledge and skills to effectively bridge the gap between academia and the policy world. We piloted this program with one of our own courses—Dr. Koutnik’s Fall 2018 Exploration Seminar to Greenland and Denmark—we hope that you enjoy the innovative thinking of these young scholars.

Feature Series

Exploration Seminar to Greenland/Denmark (ESS 402 / ARCTIC 387): Ice and climate-change science and societal impacts

Fourteen undergraduate students, led by Dr. Michelle Koutnik and graduate student John Christian from the Department of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS), as well as co-instructor Dr. Hans Christian Steen-Larsen from University of Norway, traveled far and learned widely on an Exploration Seminar to Greenland and Denmark.

2018-19 Arctic Undergraduate Scholars