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The Arctic Initiative—a key theme of the International Policy Institute in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Relations—focuses on the role of Arctic Indigenous nations, organizations, institutions, artists, leaders, and community members in influencing domestic and international relations. Arctic Indigenous peoples are playing a key role in shaping policy via their work as Permanent Participants on the Arctic Council (representing the Aleut, Gwich’in, Athabaskan, Sami, Inuit and over 40 Indigenous nations in Russia), bilateral mechanisms such as the Inuit-Crown Partnership Committee in Canada, national organizations like the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, and the work of individuals. Arctic Indigenous peoples are making climate change a human rights issue, challenging legal definitions of territory to include ice, and influencing Arctic environmental politics via the working groups on the Arctic Council. The Arctic Initiative includes a community of scholars, thinkers, practitioners and students who are dedicated to investigating and understanding how Arctic Indigenous peoples are influencing international relations. Arctic Fellows produce written work, video interviews, art and other forms of communication to bridge the gap between conventional research and work that will potentially have more immediate relevance to inclusive domestic and international policy.

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Leadership Team

  • Nadine Fabbi, Managing Director of the Canadian Studies Center

    Nadine Fabbi

    Managing Director Canadian Studies, Henry M . Jackson School of International Stuides

  • Glaciologist and research assistant professor Michelle Koutnik

    Michelle Koutnik

    Research Assistant Professor, Department of Earth and Sciences

  • Jason Young

    Co-lead, Scholarship-to-policy in the Arctic minor, Senior Research Scientist, Information School

  • Joanne Muzak

    Professional Editor and Writing Consultant

IPI Arctic Initiative Arctic Fellows 2019-20

We are currently in the process of adding the 2019-20 Arctic Fellows

2016-18 International Policy Institute (IPI) Arctic Fellows

In 2016 the Arctic Council celebrated its 20th anniversary during the 2015-2017 U.S. chairmanship of the Council. During this critical time, the International Policy Institute analyzed the role and future of the Arctic Council in global geopolitics including the mandated integration of Indigenous knowledge into the work of the Council, the new Arctic Economic Council, and the role of Asian countries on the Arctic Council.

2013-14 Arctic Research Fellows