University of Washington

Jackson School Business Office

Thomson Hall Room 400

The JSIS Business office is located on the 4th floor of Thomson Hall, room 400.  These offices house the Director, administration and secretarial staff, financial staff, and departmental computer staff. Office hours are 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 12:30 pm to 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

On this page you will find downloadable forms used by the Jackson School. The forms are in Adobe PDF format. After completing the forms in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, you may now save them to your computer.

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Reservation Calendars

These forms shall not be reproduced by units other than the Jackson School without written permission.

To view the forms, use the Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Accounts Receivables (Gifts, revenue, reverse expenditures)

Form Number Description Contact
JSIS-98 Check Documentation Non-Grant Filemon Gonzalez

Customs Form

Use this form when traveling with UW equipment to foreign countries: customs.pdf

Fax Cover Sheet

Use this interactive form to fill out a fax cover sheet: faxcover.pdf


Form Number Description Contact
JSIS-13-1 Guidelines for Grant Documentation Dvorah Oppenheimer
UW Word Doc Request for F&A Cost Recovery Waiver Dvorah Oppenheimer
JSIS-13-5 Grant Checks - Including Program Income Accounts Dvorah Oppenheimer

Miscellaneous attachments

Form Number Description Contact
JSIS-80 Meal Reimbursement Worksheet Filemon Gonzalez
JSIS-82 Perjury Statement Dvorah Oppenheimer
JSIS-99 Foreign National Payment Data Sheet (UoW 1007) Filemon Gonzalez - Payables
Kaitlyn Li - Payroll


Form Number Description  
JSIS-93 Visitor Honorarium/Professional Services Filemon Gonzalez
JSIS-95 Purchase/Payment to Vendor Filemon Gonzalez
JSIS-96 Reimbursement/Payment Form Purchases  (non-travel) Filemon Gonzalez


Form Number Description Contact
JSIS-31 Faculty Appointment Request Form Toni Read, Kaitlyn Li, Dvorah Oppenheimer
JSIS-83 Request for Temporary Hourly Appointment Kaitlyn Li
JSIS-84 Undergraduate Student Employment Kaitlyn Li
JSIS-85 Graduate/Professional Student Employment Kaitlyn Li
JSIS-86 Hourly Time Sheet Not for Work Study Kaitlyn Li
JSIS-999 Staff Leave Request - Overtime Authorization Supervisor


Form Number Description Contact
JSIS-13-2 Procard Documentation Form Filemon Gonzalez


Form Number Description Contact
JSIS-11-4 Express Mail, Billing Documentation Kevin Swantek


Form Number Description Contact
JSIS-91 Travel Reimbursement Form UW Faculty, Staff, and Students Diane Scillo
JSIS-92 Central Travel Account (CTA) Form Transportation Filemon Gonzalez
JSIS-94 Non-UW, 2 Page, Travel Reimbursement Diane Scillo
JSIS-97 Central Travel Account (CTA) Lodging Filemon Gonzalez
JSIS-102 First Class & Business Class Travel Approval Diane Scillo (Travel reimbursements)
Filemon Gonzalez (CTA)