Jay-Kwon Park

MA, International Studies Student, 2015-2017 IPI Fellow
Jay-Kwon Park


Jay-Kwon is a M.A. student in the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington with an interest on South Korea’s interest in the Arctic. Jay-Kwon is specifically interested in how permanent observer states, including South Korea, to the Arctic Council are approaching issues with indigenous groups and environmental problems in the region.

International Policy Research Arctic Fellow Activities

  • “Asian Tiger Meets the Polar Bear,” World Policy Institute, forthcoming 2017.
  • “Another milestone for Arctic Indigenous internationalism: The launch of the Álgu Fund,” Arctic Foreign Policy Field Experience.
  • “Indigenous Rights and Consultation: Are They in Place?,” Arctic and International Relations Series Issue #5.

  • “South Korea, Singapore, and the Permanent Participants: Innovative Approaches to Observer Status on the Arctic Council,” Arctic and International Relations Series Issue #3.


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