Francis Abugbilla

Lecturer, Ph.D. 2022
Francis Abugbilla

Dissertation Project

Grassroots Participation in Electoral Conflict Resolution in Africa

Professional Background

Teaching, Project Management, and Human Rights Advocacy


Qualitative research, French, Kusaal, Grurenɛ



Francis Mbawini Abugbilla is a budding expert in international relations. He is the 2017-2018 Henry M. Jackson Doctoral Fellow. His research interests include international cooperation, foreign policy, diplomacy, and international conflict management.  He is particularly interested in grassroots participation in conflict resolution, management, and peace building in Africa. His primary research focus in the program is Peace, Violence, and Security (PVS), with Law, Rights, and Governance (LRG) as his secondary area.

Francis has taught French as a Designated Campus Colleague at the Université de Paris 7—Denis Diderot, Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Arizona, and a Teaching Assistant at the University of Ghana. While at the University of Ghana, he also worked as an Administrative Assistant at the Maison Française, helping in the organization of events for the French Embassy in Ghana. He interned with the International Rescue Committee in Tucson and volunteered with Friends of UNHCR in Ghana.

Francis received his master’s degree in French with specialization in Francophone Studies at the University of Arizona, Tucson. His undergraduate studies was at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Education Honors Degree in French with a minor in English. Also, he has certificates in Comparative Human Rights and Translation at CAVILAM-Université de Claremont Ferrand, France and at CIREL, Togo respectively.

Grants & Fellowships

International Policy Institute Cybersecurity Policy Fellow, University of Washington, 2018-present

Henry M. Jackson Doctoral Fellow, University of Washington, 2017-2018

Graduate College Fellowship, University of Arizona, 2016-2017.

International Studies Association Travel Grant, Baltimore, 2017.

International Studies Association Travel Grant, Pasadena, 2016.

CERCLL Workshop Scholarship, University of Arizona, 2016.

Humanities Graduate College Fellowship, University of Arizona, 2016.

French Embassy Scholar, CAVILAM-Université de Clermont-Ferrand, 2013

Government of Ghana Scholar, Centre International de Recherche et d’Etude des Langues, Lomé, Togo, 2011-2012.


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