Omar Tabuni

IPI Cybersecurity Fellow


Omar Tabuni, graduated from the University of Washington with a major in International Studies and a minor in informatics. Tabuni, has a proven record of managing legal teams representing victims of human rights abuses in both Libya and Tunisia, in their claims for redress in US Federal District Courts against individual perpetrators and high-level commanders responsible for systematic or widespread human rights abuse. His mission as a director and consultant working for non-profits and law firms was to deter torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other severe human rights abuses through innovative litigation, policy, and transitional justice strategies. As a director and consultant for non profits and law firms, he represented war crime victims, facilitated interviews, and testimonies based on human rights violation cases—in liaison with the UN HRC Fact-Finding Mission  on Libya. As a Human Rights Consultant for the Gill Law Firm, he oversaw the filing of a high impact civil suit against Yevgeny Prigozhin founder of the Russian Wagner mercenary group over alleged Wagner executions in Libya in the United States District Court – District of Columbia; he was interviewed and quoted by WaPo, NPR, and BBC regarding the case. Previously, he managed the civil suits filed in the Eastern District Court of Virginia against renegade general Khalifa Haftar regarding alleged role in civilian deaths during LNA offensive, which received coverage in WaPo, NYT, NBC, the Guardian and AJE.

He cofounded a Policy aggregator powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help increase compliance and lower liability related to university policy and the evolving legal environment.