Past Grantees

Michelle Marshman

Awardee: Michelle Marshman

Institution: Green River College

Department/Discipline: History

Course Title: Modern Asia


This course offers a broad survey of the history of Modern Asia. Chronologically, the course begins with 19th century imperialism and finishes with 21st century challenges. Geographically, the course includes South Asia, Central Asia, East and South East Asia. It is impossible to thoroughly study the modern history of each Asian country, so the class approach is thematic, focusing on big ideas, broad themes, and significant events.

Themes to be addressed include imperialism, industrial and political modernization, WWII, communist modernization, decolonization and nationalist movements, modern economic development; and, the course also explores popular culture through several shorter studies, from Shishido cosmetics and beauty ideals, to popular musical genres such as K-Pop. Course materials will focus on primary documents, including memoirs, novels, political manifestos, and government and other official documents. In addition, the course uses several documentary films to illustrate major course themes