Past Grantees

Rebeka Ferreira

Awardee: Rebeka Ferreira

Institution: Green River College

Department/Discipline: Philosophy

Course Titles: Introduction to Eastern Philosophy | Women and World Religions


Introduction to Eastern Philosophy: This course introduces students to eastern philosophies and helps them to understand the philosophical similarities among these philosophies, especially as they relate to reality, value, knowledge, and religion. Topics may include: Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Mohism, and Daoism.

Women and World Religions: This course explores feminine perspectives of religion and spirituality in classical and indigenous religions today and throughout history. We will examine images of the divine, mythological presentations, as well as roles and practices of women in each tradition through the study of traditional writings, feminist themes and feminist theologies. In doing so, we will address questions such as: What do sacred sources in traditional religions say about women and issues of gender; and how both men and women in society have used oral and written sacred narratives.

Syllabus: Introduction to Eastern PhilosophyWomen and World Religions