Past Grantees

Youmin Lee

Awardee: Youmin Lee

Institution: Oakland Community College

Department/Discipline: Global Studies

Course Title: A Virtual Journey to China: Exploring its Culture and Society


This course intends to provide a Virtual Study Abroad experience to China. Students will delve into China’s rich cultural landscape by exploring how history and geography have shaped China’s culture and society. Each week we will consider different aspects of China’s society and culture in terms history, geography, ethnicities, languages, dialects, traditions, architectures, foods, people, places and things, and much more.  This course will assist students in the development of their intercultural skills and an awareness of China’s society and culture through readings, lectures, guest speakers, discussions, virtual tours to schools, cultural sites, museums, in-country “home visit,” people-to-people conversations, and experiences, and group presentations. The class will cover 10 interactive lectures, visit 9 museums, 5 campuses, 3 family visits and cooking demos, and numerous cultural sites.