UW Asian and Global Studies Course Development Grant

Grant Criteria and Definitions

Content of new course, revised course or module:

  1. Proposal clearly details how the course or module connects to Asian content focused outside the borders of the U.S.
  2. Proposal provides a detailed outline of the course or module.
  3. Proposal indicates how this course or module will broaden international offerings and/or global perspectives at Community College/Institution.
  4. Learning outcomes of the course or unit are clearly stated. Proposals for module development clearly identify how the unit relates to the overall content of the course.

Proposals will be disqualified for the following:

  1. Lack of focus on Asian content and perspectives
  2. World Language applications that are primarily concerned with language acquisition rather than study of Asian culture, issues, and/or perspectives.
  3. Any application that is U.S. centric in scope and focus. Content must include aspects of the Asian world outside U.S. borders.


  1. Applicant” is defined as the person who will be the instructor of record delivering proposed module, revised course, or new courses.
  1. Module” is defined as the addition of new material, activities, and/or assignments that broaden the Asian content of the course described in the proposal.  Modules should include approximately two weeks of instructional material that can be either a discreet unit or infused throughout the course.
  1. Complete Revision” is defined as the addition of substantial new material, activities, and/or assignments that infuse Asian content throughout the course described in the proposal. A Complete Revision of a course must be substantially greater than the creation of a new Module. 
  1. New Course” is defined as the creation of a course that is a new addition to the Community College’s/Institution’s course catalog.