Study Abroad

At the Jackson School, our students connect theory with practice. We encourage travel and study abroad to question and explore the world from a different point of vantage using the lens of our interdisciplinary studies and foreign language requirements. The Jackson School has one of the highest participation rates of students in the UW Study Abroad program.

International Studies majors can spend winter quarter and earn full-credit on our Task Force Rome program. Based at the UW Rome Center, students research critical global issues in Europe, interact with U.S. Ambassadors in the region and engage in simulation policymaking with the NATO Defense College.

Our faculty also lead summer study abroad immersive experiences that are credit-applicable, in Brazil, Germany, Greece, Peru and Viet Nam. In addition, our undergraduate and graduate students may apply for overseas internship scholarships unique to the Jackson School.

Every year Jackson School students are among those at the UW selected for Fulbright Fellowships for research abroad. In addition, Jackson School students may apply for academic year or summer Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships, which provide funding toward tuition and a living stipend.