Careers & Internships


Internships are invaluable opportunities for you to explore different career options, expand your professional network, build your resume, and bolster your chance of securing a good job after graduation. Internships can be local, national, international, or virtual. They can be paid or unpaid, full or part-time, for academic credit or not. Internships should be a win-win situation that sees both intern and host organization benefit; internships should be structured, supervised, and framed with learning goals and evaluation.

It’s never too early to start thinking about internships, and planning well in advance will mean you have a good number of opportunities available to you.

Handshake is a powerful recruiting platform enabling the UW students and alumni to connect with employers, both domestic and international, for their next incredible internship or employment opportunity! Login to your Handshake accounts at using your UWNetID credentials, and gain access to thousands of open job and internship opportunities!

Internship Scholarships

Learn about how the Jackson School can help to support the financial costs of an internship anywhere in the world by reading about our internship scholarships here.


JSIS 497

Learn about how to get Jackson School academic credit for internships – download the application form here.


Jackson School Internships Toolkit

Learn more about what to consider, timelines, how to apply and more with our Jackson School Internships Toolkit.




JSIS Student Internship Report 2022