JSIS Career Services for Prospective Students

About the school:

The Jackson School combines the social sciences, humanities, and professional fields to enhance our understanding of our increasingly interconnected globe. The school is named for late Senator Henry M. Jackson, in recognition of his interest and support for the school and for the field of international affairs.

The Jackson School offers seven undergraduate majors—Asian Studies, Canadian Studies, European Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Comparative Religion, Jewish Studies, and International Studies—and 13 minors. Students may concentrate in one of eight regional studies options, one of two thematic programs, or pursue a broader course of study within the general program in International Studies

At the graduate level, the Jackson School offers nine interdisciplinary programs leading to a Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS)— China Studies, Japan Studies, Korea Studies, Middle East Studies, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia Studies (REECAS), South Asia Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, Comparative Religion and International Studies.

Language study is required for all area studies degrees, both undergraduate and graduate, and study abroad is strongly encouraged.


JSIS Career Services:

Below is a list of services the Office of Career Services at the Jackson School provides for JSIS undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni:

  • Post current job and internship announcements
  • Provide individual advising appointments
  • Promote networking through the JSIS LinkedIn group and related subgroups
  • Maintain website, career resource page and document library
  • Plan career-related programming
  • Organize the JSIS Mentor Program for undergraduates
  • Collaborate with the UW Career Center and participate in campus-wide career-related events
  • Coordinate JSIS Internship Scholarship application process 

Additionally, to reach the campus-wide UW student audience, employers can participate in programs organized through the main UW Career Center. Programs include online student resume service, scheduling on-campus interviews, and posting jobs and internships through the HuskyJobs database.


Who we serve:

The office was established to serve Jackson School undergraduate majors, graduate students (JSIS and Concurrent students) and Alumni. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide advising appointments to students not currently enrolled in the school, but you are welcome to use resources posted to the website.

Where do our graduates work?

Jackson School graduates work in the public, private and nonprofit sectors both within the United States and abroad. Similar to the multidisciplinary approach found in our programs of study, JSIS alumni work in a diversity of fields ranging from education to human rights, the environment, development, foreign policy and peace and security. Additionally, many our alumni work in positions where they are able to apply their area studies knowledge and language skills.

The Alumni Employment Profile provides a general overview of where some recent Jackson School graduates have been employed.


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