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New book by Sarah Lohmann: What Ukraine Taught NATO about Hybrid Warfare

November 15, 2022

Book cover What Ukraine Taught NATO about Hybrid Warefare

Book cover photo by Kristen Taylor/AWC Press

A new book titled, “What Ukraine Taught NATO about Hybrid Warfare” (Strategic Studies Institute/US Army War College Press, November 2022), edited by Sarah Lohmann, a Jackson School faculty member and U.S. Army War College Visiting Professor, who is also the lead author, identifies potential solutions to mitigate cyberattacks and increase energy independence for militaries of NATO member states and to prevent cyber vulnerabilities to energy critical infrastructure.

Designed as a handbook and actionable tool to support U.S. and NATO Commands in Europe, the publication includes 10 case study authors who were University of Washington students and US Army War College Fellows taught by Lohmann in 2021 in the class “NATO, Energy and Cybersecurity,” and who pursued additional research under her guidance.

These include Jackson School students Frank J. Kuzminski, a doctoral candidate in international studies and Caitlin Quirk, who earned her B.A. in International Studies in Spring 2022. Another 2022 Jackson School Donald C. Hellmann Task Force Program student, Lucas Cox, an international studies major, served as a research intern on the book project. Michael Bervell and Milagro Castilleja with the UW Communication Leadership program and Ryan Fisk, a political science student, also authored case studies in the book.

“The case studies provided by the students provided foundational research for the book,” said Lohmann. “They enjoyed having contact with NATO and European policy makers throughout the course and were excited to be contributing to the important areas of energy, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure. I am proud that this volume is already being used as an operational tool in Europe, and that the students’ hard work was an invaluable piece of that.”

Lohmann will be giving an in-person book launch event with several of the student case study authors on Monday, Nov. 21 from 3:30-5:00 p.m. at the University of Washington. The event is hosted by The Center for West European Studies. For details, visit this link.