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Student hybrid warfare research features in US Navy publication

April 26, 2023

In the Spring 2023 issue of Surge, a quarterly publication by the Energy Academic Group, Naval Postgraduate School, U.S. Navy, an article titled, “Students Support NATO Project on Defending Against Hybrid Warfare from China and Russia” written by two Jackson School undergrads, William Gilfoil and Kyla Tiedemann, and UW US Army War College Fellow 2022-2023 Col. Ryan Bulger, is featured.

The piece highlights the students’ research conducted in Winter 2023 under the Jackson School’s Donald C. Hellmann Task Force program¬†under the guidance of Acting Assistant Professor Sarah Lohmann in her Task Force on Hybrid Warfare, Disinformation and the NATO Response.

It also includes a link to the Task Force 2023 report itself, titled, “NATO’s Response to Hybrid Warfare During the Ukraine Conflict: Navigating the Era of the China-Russia Partnership.”

To view the article, download the PDF below.

Spring 2023 Surge, Naval Postgraduate School (PDF)