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The Donald C. Hellmann Task Force Program

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Task Force is the capstone experience in the undergraduate International Studies Program. Students work in teams recommending responses to international problems. Their recommendations are evaluated by outside experts.

5 Things to know about Task Force

Unique Experience
  • The Jackson School’s degree program is the only undergraduate major in the U.S. with a Task Force capstone experience.
  • Over 3500 students have completed Task Force since 1983, producing more than 200 policy reports
Christopher Backemeyer talking at a table
Christopher Backemeyer, Principal Deputy Coordinator for Sanctions Policy, served as external evaluator in 2016 for Congressman Adam Smith's Task Force on U.S. Policy Toward Iran After the Nuclear Deal.
  • Task Force students work in teams on a common project with common purpose, under the direction of expert faculty.
  • Key leadership roles are assigned to students, including editor and project coordinator.
A 2017 Task Force team working on policy recommendations during class.
Time Pressure!
  • Students conduct research on fast-moving international issues
  • Task Force teams have to meet tight deadlines and provide up-to-date analysis for their reports and policy recommendations
Student study in the Graduate Reading Room at Suzzallo Library, University of Washington Seattle Campus, January 25th, 2012. Photo by Katherine B. Turner
  • Students taking Task Force have completed at least six advanced courses in international studies
  • Task Force students have to translate their coursework and research into effective policy writing – and into effective presentations to their expert evaluators
Jackson School senior Alexander Nelson presenting findings of the Task Force on ‘Redefining American Leadership’ to the evaluator, former U.S. Rep Jim McDermott
  • The Task Force experience helps students build career-relevant skills such as teamwork, negotiating deadlines and effective writing
  • Many Task Forces provide research and recommendations that are used in decision-making by NGOs, communities and governments
Asia-Pacific Maritime Security Task Force 2017
The "Asia-Pacific Maritime Security’ Task Force team after their final presentation to Admiral Jonathan Greenert, former head of the U.S. Navy (center, in suit). Task Force instructor and adviser Professor Tabitha Mallory is on the right.