Resources for Students

This is a clearing house for resources that may be useful to students pursuing South Asia Studies. It includes information about the South Asia Center, as well as campus wide resources useful for academics, health, careers, and more.

South Asia Center

Students interesting in South Asia Studies should browse this website for information on academic programs, courses, funding opportunities, study abroad programs, and the MAIS handbook.

Academic Support

UW’s academic support page includes information on tutoring, the Writing Center, and more. You can schedule a meeting with an adviser at the Jackson School here. The Language Learning Center provides resources for students learning second languages, and English Language Programs  are available for international students wanting to improve their English.

UW provides disability resources including academic coaching, career development, housing accommodation and more.


The Jackson School’s careers and internships page is a great place to start when considering internships and jobs. UW’s careers page will provide access to UW’s own jobs page.


UW provides many diversity resources. The Office of Minority Affairs  has an extensive set of programs, services, and informational resources for academic and other support. The Women’s Center provides academic and other services, information on scholarships, and research and reporting. The Q Center is a resource on gender and sexuality. It hosts a Gender Discussion Group, runs a queer mentoring program, and much more.

Health and Well-being

The Hall Health Center located near the HUB is an outpatient medical clinic for students, staff, faculty, and alumni. At Hall Health you can see a nurse on short notice, meet with general practitioners and specialists, get advice and medications for international travel, and pick up your prescriptions.

Hall Health offers Mental Health services, including no-cost same day counseling. UW offers other wellness programs and services related to mental health, sexual violence, suicide prevention, and drug and alcohol abuse.

The Husky Union Building (The HUB)

The HUB is where many students, staff, and faculty eat lunch, but it has much more. There’s a bowling alley, gaming rooms, a bike shop where students can use tools and learn to repair their bikes. The HUB is also the location of many events large and small.


The IMA, located north of Husky Stadium includes a gym, climbing wall, soccer fields, tennis courts and much more. The IMA offers less common activities as well, such as archery on Friday nights. Through the IMA’s Waterfront Activities Center students can rent equipment such as kayaks and canoes.

Student Organizations

From cultural to scientific organizations, there are Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) for just about everything. Joining or starting an RSO is a great way explore interests, find research collaborators, and gain experience organizing events and fundraising. Browse the RSO Directory to find one that interests you. RSO members get access to the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) in the HUB, which has computers and printers for designing promotional materials, tables and chairs for fundraising and outdoor events, and more.

Student Government

Students wishing to bring change to the university and gain experience in government and politics should consider joining student government. The Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) is the primary student government body for undergraduates; for graduate students there is the Graduate and Professional School Senate.


Your Husky student ID also doubles as an Orca Card, allowing access to King County Metro bus and light rail service for free. Students should download the OneBusAway app on their phones. Created by UW graduates, OneBusAway provides live information on bus arrival times at all stops in Seattle.

Interested in exploring trails in the Snoqualmie Valley region? King County Metro recently started a Trailhead Direct pilot service – a bus service from select locations in Seattle to trailheads at Mt. Si, the Issaquah Alps, and Mailbox Peak.

More Resources

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