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Indian American Community Services Scholarship for the Study of South Asia

New in 2023: all applicants to the M.A. in South Asia Studies are automatically considered for the IACS Scholarship, and need not submit a separate scholarship application. All other applicants––including current UW students and those applying for admission into programs other than the M.A. in South Asia Studies––must apply following the instructions found here.

The Indian American Community Services (formerly India Association of Western Washington) Scholarship supports the shared mission of the South Asia Center and IACS to advance the study of Indian languages, arts, and culture. This scholarship was formalized in December 1995 with an agreement between Professor Frank Conlon and IAWW President Jagdish Sharma. The first scholarships were awarded in the 1997-1998 school year, and the scholarship has since been awarded annually to qualified graduate and undergraduate students.

IACS is a pan-Indian, secular, volunteer-driven service organization operating in the greater Seattle area.

Award: up to $3000


Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the University of Washington who demonstrate a serious academic interest in South Asia by virtue of successfully completing at least 15 credits of South Asia-related courses by the end of the period in which they hold the IACS Scholarship. Credits earned on study abroad in South Asia will fulfill this requirement. Credits earned through language study will also fulfill this requirement.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2024

Apply Now: For application instructions, visit Apply for SAC Funding