K-14 Teacher Resources

The following resources are intended for the use of K-14 educators in the Pacific Northwest. Please email or call (206) 543-4800 for details.

Newspapers in Education Series
Presented by the UW Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies Asia and Global Studies Outreach Centers and The Seattle Times Newspapers In Education Program.

Video Resources
Videos about South Asia for use in the classroom.

Books about South Asia for use in the classroom.

Lesson Plans

“In the Face of Xenophobia: Lessons to Address Bullying of South Asian American Youth”

Bullying has been noted as an acute problem within U.S. schools. It manifests as a power imbalance in schools and society, and includes physical, social, and psychological intimidation. Since the tragic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, students and families who have no connection to terrorism have been singled out, harassed, and attacked.

This curriculum primarily focuses on South Asian Americans—whose families (perhaps many generations ago) originally hail from the countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Examples in the lessons demonstrate how national, ethnic or religious groups are often confused and conflated.

The goals of the curricular pack are to:

* Provide resources to educators seeking to interrupt bullying and harassment in their schools and community.

* Build awareness of the issues faced by children and youth who are targeted by bias-based bullying.

* Foster empathy and action to intervene in situations of injustice that occur in schools and communities.

The Curricular Pack can be downloaded for free from SAALT’s resource page:

Classroom Activities About India: Lessons written by Fulbright 1998 Teachers. Includes lessons on Arranged MarriagesWhat is Sacred?Education in IndiaAn Eye for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind: Teaching Modern Indian History through the film GandhiYou Who Have Sprung from Heaven and Earth: A Self-Directed Exploration of Hindu MythologyDiscovering Demographics: A Lesson in Reading, Interpreting, and Displaying Demographic DataTradition and Modernity: Forming Connections between Cultures