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Varanasi Endowed Scholarship for Studies of India

The South Asia Center at the University of Washington announces the competition for the S. Rao and Usha Varanasi Endowed Scholarship for Studies of India. We invite applications from undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines, including international students, who are engaged in the study of India and South Asia and who will be enrolled at the University of Washington during the 2024-25 academic year. The award will be based on academic merit.

The Varanasi Scholarship is made possible thanks to a generous gift from longtime UW donors S. Rao and Usha Varanasi, who created this endowment in appreciation of the opportunities provided to them during their graduate studies at the University of Washington.

“We are fortunate to have grown up in two major democracies, India and the United States, but we feel that the understanding of strengths and similarities between our two beloved countries is often superficial,” said the Varanasis about the purpose of their gift. “Our endowment is an encouragement to students to learn about India from renowned teachers and experts because knowledge deepens empathy.”

Award: approx. $3000

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the University of Washington who demonstrate a serious academic interest in South Asia.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2024

Apply Now: For application instructions, visit Apply for SAC Funding