Ph.D. Program

Financial Aid and Fellowships

The Jackson School aims to provide competitive financial packages for all admitted and current doctoral students. Determinations about financial awards are made at the time of admission and during the course of a student’s residency in the Jackson School. Funding guarantees for consecutive years is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress.

While students are expected to pursue their own funding sources and full funding is not currently guaranteed, all accepted doctoral candidates will automatically be considered for the Ph.D. Program Fellowships, as well as Teaching Assistantship (TA), and Research Assistantship (RA) support in the Jackson School.

Financial support is available on a competitive basis to U.S. citizens and permanent residents in the form of Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships. Incoming and doctoral students may also be nominated for some of the UW Graduate School’s competitive Graduate Diversity Fellowships.

Additional funding and support for doctoral students can also come from the graduate area programs as well as other sources in the Jackson School.

Doctoral Travel and Research Grants

Thanks to the generosity of the Jackson Foundation, the Ph.D. Program is able to support fieldwork by our doctoral students. These grants, given out on a competitive basis, will specifically support student travel and research plans to advance their dissertation work.

Jackson School Ph.D. Program Fellowships

Fellowship Name Aim and Eligibility Nomination Process Type of Funding
Richard B. Wesley Endowed Ph.D. Fellowship Recruiting and retaining doctoral students addressing contemporary real-word economic and secuirty issues and challenges pertaining to U.S. – Asia relations. Focuses on students studying PVS or SMS in combination with one of the major powers of Asia. All accepted doctoral candidates are automatically considered for this fellowship. All or part of a student’s tuition, living expenses, books, fees, research, stipends, travel, and other educational expenses.
Henry M. Jackson Doctoral Fellowship Recruiting candidates who show exceptional promise in generally combining one of the four foundational fields with existing area programs to speak to a contemporary problem-focused issue in world affairs All accepted doctoral candidates are automatically considered for this fellowship. One academic year, fully covering tuition, healthin insurance, and a stipend
Hubert M. Blalock Fellowship Recruiting incoming graduate/doctoral students in any UW department with a formal track in CSSS, including the Jackon School, with an interest in combining statistical methodlogy with their research.  This fellowship is awarded by the UW Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (CSSS). Please indicate on your application any previous experience in quantitative research quantitative courses, high quantitative GRE scores, etc., and, as appropriate, the director will nominate you for the award. See website for details.