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Jackson School experts weigh in on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

February 24, 2022

Ukraine flag flying in cloud

As trusted resources, our Jackson School faculty are called upon by media as well as proactively share their deep area knowledge and thoughtful analysis on critical international issues, including in times of global crises.


In Space Diplomacy and Humanitarian Intervention: The Case of Ukraine & Beyond, an online public event held on May 20 and hosted by Duke University’s Center for International & Global Studies, featured speaker Saadia Pekkanen, Jackson School faculty and international space law and diplomacy expert, discusses the role that space technology has to support humanitarian assistance objectives in Ukraine and globally. Read a summary and watch the webinar in this Duke Today article.

On April 20, the Jackson School of International Studies, Center for West European Studies and the Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies hosted an in-person public event on U.S. National Security Challenges and America’s Role in the World: A Conversation with Representative Adam Smith. The discussion focused on how Putin’s war in Ukraine has redrawn the security blueprint of Europe and raised the stakes for U.S. leadership as the Biden-Harris administration strengthens the international rules-based order.

A panel discussion titled, “Ukraine Crisis, China and the Global Geopolitical Landscape: Responses and Implications” featuring Jackson School faculty China expert and professor David Bachman and energy expert Scott L. Montgomery, with Nelson Dong, a partner in the Seattle office of Dorsey & Whitney LLP and co-head of its Asia Group. The event was sponsored by the China Studies Program and East Asia Center at the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington, Washington State China Relations Fund, and Washington State China Relations Council.

Listen to the recording to the March 7 panel discussion In Focus: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine featuring UW faculty and guest speakers on the unfolding situation in Ukraine. Hosted by the Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies and co-sponsored by the Center for West European Studies, Russian, East European Initiative and the Jackson School at the University of Washington.

Get latest tips from Jackson School faculty on the Ukraine crisis: 

Top tips to understand the Ukraine-Russia conflict

Read latest media analyses by Jackson School faculty:

May 23, 2022

In a Kitsap Sun article titled, “Record-high gas prices in Kitsap, now over $5 per gallon, likely to stay high all summer,” Scott L. Montgomery is quoted on the exacerbation of oil prices locally due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

May 17, 2022

In his essay “Nuclear Threats in a Criminal War,” Scott L. Montgomery analyzes the war in Ukraine and the possibility of the Kremlin ‘going nuclear’.

Scott L. Montgomery is quoted in a Gas Outlook piece this week titled, “EU nears oil embargo on Russia, but negotiations drag.”

April 22, 2022

Scott Radnitz is quoted in a PolitiFact article titled, “Ukraine war fuels surge of fake content impersonating BBC, CNN coverage.”

April 11, 2022

Scott Radnitz, an expert on the post-Soviet Union and director of the Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies at the Jackson School, is interviewed by Newsy, a Montana-based media outlet, in a broadcast segment titled, “Why Russia has struggled in its information war in Ukraine.”

April 6, 2022

Daniel Chirot pens a Boston Globe article titled, “Opinion: If Putin’s Russia can’t fulfill his autocratic goal, who will he turn to for help?

March 30, 2022

Scott Radnitz has co-authored a Washington Post article titled, “Putin’s warning about Russian ‘fifth columns’ has a long, sordid lineage,” on Putin suggesting that anyone with a Western lifestyle could be a traitor.

March 29, 2022

Glennys Young is quoted in an article by PassBlue, an independent journalism company that covers the United Nations, titled, “Who is Putin the ‘Butcher’? The Enigma Around Him Persists.

March 28, 2022

David Bachman is quoted in a Northwest Asian Weekly article titled, “China’s power wobbles as Russia falters, says expert.”

March 24, 2022

Ambassador John Koenig features in a podcast episode with Jessica Janner-Castro of KING 5 ahead of the NATO Summit in Brussels. It covers the current situation and outlook for Ukraine.

Yong-Chool Ha is interviewed in an article titled, “What North Korean Missiles Have to Do with Ukraine’s Invasion” in Crusoé, the first all-digital weekly magazine in Brazil.

March 21, 2022

Reşat Kasaba writes in a Seattle Times op-ed article, “We’re living in the geopolitical shadow of the 1900s,” about the war in Ukraine and on how we might find it useful to turn to history not only to seek guidance from previous generations but also to avoid their mistakes.

In a USA Today article titled, “Biden warns Americans are at high risk of Russian cyberattacks after Ukraine invasion: What you should do right now” faculty Jessica Beyer is quoted.

March 20, 2022

Saadia Pekkanen is interviewed in an NPR piece titled, “Space junk could get in the way of satellites being used in the Russia-Ukraine war.”

March 18, 2022

Scott L. Montgomery is quoted in Global Outlook in an article titled, “Global buyers start to shun Russian oil after U.S. ban.”

March 17, 2022

Scott L. Montgomery gives an on-air interview with Morning Wave, an English-language radio station in Busan, South Korea, about the oil price shock and the energy consequences of the war in Ukraine.

March 14, 2022
Scott Radnitz is interviewed in an article by The Conversation titled, “Russia’s false claims about biological weapons in Ukraine demonstrate the dangers of disinformation and how hard it is to counter – 4 essential reads.”

March 8, 2022
Ambassador John Koenig discusses the Ukraine crisis in this TV segment on KING 5 New Day Northwest.

Glennys Young is quoted in a Newser article titled, “World War III has likely begun” about how Putin is emboldened while NATO refuses to fight.

March 7, 2022
Scott Radnitz is interviewed by the UW Daily in an article titled, “The Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

March 5, 2022

Scott L. Montgomery is quoted in a USA Today story about the attack on Ukraine’s nuclear plant.

March 4, 2022

Rick Lorenz is interviewed live in a segment titled, “War Crimes Investigation into Russia,” on Fox 13.

Scott Radnitz is quoted in a PolitiFact article titled, “Evidence of Russia’s war in Ukraine is plentiful and proves it is not ‘staged’.

March 3, 2022
Glenny Young is quoted in Fortune magazine in an article titled, “How Putin’s invasion of Ukraine could escalate into World War III with the help of Russia’s nuclear arsenal.”

In his article published by The Conversation titled, “War in Ukraine is changing energy geopolitics,” Scott L. Montgomery shares his take on how Russia’s war against Ukraine will change the landscape of global energy and its geopolitics in profound ways, and how pieces of this terrain have already begun shifting.

March 1, 2022
Ambassador John Koenig discusses the Ukraine crisis in a TV segment aired by King 5 New Day Northwest, Western Washington’s only morning talk show.

Scott Radnitz is interviewed on CNBC in a segment on how Ukraine is winning the information war against Russia.

Feb. 28, 2022
Scott Radnitz and Jessica Beyer are quoted in a USA Today article titled, “Americans are at higher risk of Russian cyberattacks after Ukraine invasion: What you should do right now” on cybersecurity and information-sharing cautions to be aware of, and the likelihood of more misinformation and disinformation coming from Russia.

Feb. 25, 2022
Scott Radnitz is part of a group of UW experts interviewed by KIRO News Radio in a piece titled, “UW experts show how ‘everyone can participate’ in spreading truth about Ukraine.”

In this King 5 article titled, “10 terms to know about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Scott Radnitz is noted for his insights on ‘false flag’ operations.

In this Fox 13 news segment on learning more about the Russia-Ukraine situation, Ambassador John Koenig, who served as former U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to NATO in Brussels, assesses everything from why Russia invaded now to proposed Ukraine-Russia diplomatic talks to U.S. strategy on sanctions.

Feb. 24, 2022
Ambassador John Koenig is interviewed by KIRO 7 in a TV segment on “Economic impact of Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Scott L. Montgomery is interviewed in a segment on Fox 13 titled, “Impacts of Russia’s conflict in Ukraine on US” about the ways Russia affects global gas and oil markets.

In a King 5 article titled, “3 questions about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine answered,” Ambassador John Koenig is quoted on whether Russia will attack the U.S.

In a King 5 TV segment titled, “No, the U.S. is not obligated to intervene in Ukraine,”Ambassador John Koenig is interviewed on the role of NATO.

Scott Radnitz pens an article in The Conversation titled, “What are false flag attacks – and did Russia stage any to claim justification for invading Ukraine?

Rick Lorenz is interviewed by King 5 in a segment on why the long game is unclear in Russia.

Scott Radnitz is quoted in‘Power talks’ for Putin in his ‘war of choice,’ local university experts say,” an article in The Spokesman-Review. 

Scott Radnitz gives a 20-minute interview as part of KUOW’s Soundside series titled, “‘Nobody believed that this would happen.’ The war in Ukraine from Seattle” on the context of how the situation evolved and where Russia, Ukraine and the U.S. go from here.

Jessica Beyer is quoted in an article that just published this afternoon titled, “What Americans Should Do to Prepare for Russian Cyberattacksabout likely effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, from physical disruptions of agricultural and energy supplies to digital disruptions caused by Russian cyberattacks.

Scott Radnitz shares his insights on unfolding events in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion in the early morning of Feb. 24 in this KIRO Radio News interview.

Feb. 23, 2022
Ambassador John Koenig shares his insights on U.S. foreign policy options and NATO regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict in a TV interview with King 5. Watch the segment here.
Daniel Chirot talks about economic sanctions against Russia, how an attack will affect the U.S. and what President Biden can learn from the past in this FOX 13 interview “Russia inching closer to an invasion of Ukraine.
Feb. 19, 2022
Feb. 17, 2022
Scott Radnitz authors an article that was published in The Conversation titled,What are false flag attacks – and could Russia make one work in the information age?
Feb. 15, 2022
Daniel Chirot is quoted on recent plans by Russia for “false flag” operations in Ukraine in a USA Today article titled, “Russia and Ukraine: Why Biden advisers disclosed intel on Putin plans.”
Feb. 14, 2022
Daniel Chirot is quoted on recent plans by Russia for “false flag” operations in Ukraine in a USA Today article titled,Why Russia may use a false flag operation in Ukraine.”
Feb. 8, 2022
In a PolitiFact article titled,False flags: They’re real, but far less widespread than social media suggest,” Scott Radnitz is quoted on the history of “false flags” and in the context of the recent U.S. allegations against Russia about a false flag operation in plotting an attack by Ukrainian forces as a pretext for invading the neighboring country.
Feb. 1, 2022
In a public event titled,Challenges to the Post-Cold War Order: Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan” Scott Radnitz moderates a discussion featuring regional experts including a former LA Times Moscow Bureau Chief, a Senior Research Scientist who is expert on security issues in the former Soviet Union, and an associate professor of political science at Tufts University whose research and teaching focus on Ukraine and the post-Soviet region. Listen to the panel discussion here.
In “Here’s what to know about the Russia-Ukraine conflict,” an article published by The Spokesman-Review, Scott Radnitz is quoted.