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Jackson School Report 2020-2021

January 5, 2022

Jackson Report 2021 photo collage

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Message from the Director

Jackson School Director Leela Fernandes

Leela Fernandes, September 2021.
Photo by Tara Brown for University Photography

I am delighted to share with you the latest Jackson Report, an annual sampling of our activities, new offerings and student and faculty research, honors and awards. The School has been engaged in a number of exciting initiatives even as students, staff and faculty once again rose to the challenges of working through the pandemic. We returned to hybrid work eager to continue our deep commitments to teaching, service and research.

In these endeavors, we came back with an invigorated commitment to public engagement and work that creates meaningful change in the world. As always, the School approaches this mission with a depth of understanding of global connections, historical context and local cultural and national specificities. I hope you enjoy reading this year’s report, and learning about our recent activities. I am grateful for your interest and continued commitment to the Jackson School and to the mission of global engagement.

Leela Fernandes
Director and Stanley D. Golub Endowed Chair
Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

Inside this Issue

  • Learning across borders – page 2
  • Researching beyond borders – page 8
  • Faculty highlights – page 11
  • Student highlights – page 14
  • Impacting communities everywhere – page 16
  • Alumni highlights – page 21
  • Donor spotlight – page 23
  • In Memoriam – page 24
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