Other Alumni


JAMES WIKER, MA South Asian Studies.
MARY SELIG, MA South Asian Studies (2013) (BS Michigan State University).
NABEEHA CAHUDHARY, MA South Asian Studies (2013) (BA Miami University, 2009). Media, Education, and Gender Disparities in Pakistan; role of social organization and religion.
LETITIA HARMON, MA South Asian Political Economy and Human Rights (2013). (B.A. European Studies, French and Spanish, Seattle Pacific University). Internships for Punarbal Plus, and Himalayan Society for Youth and Women’s Empowerment in Kathmandu, Nepal, and for Sanchetna Ltd. in Lucknow, UP, India.
AMY BHATT, PhD, Women Studies (2011) (B.A. Emory University, 2002). Transnational feminist theory; representations of gender, class, identity; neo-liberalism, social reproduction and temporary migration among diasporic South Asian communities. Assistant Professor of Gender and Women Studies, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
LEAH KOSKIMAKI, PhD, Anthropology (2011) (B.A. Texas). Anthropology of development, agrarian history, nationalism, public sphere, youth culture, Hindi language politics in North India (Uttaranchal). Research Fellow at National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.
KACY McKINNEY, PhD, Geography (2011) (M.A. UT Austin 2006). Agrarian change, critical development studies, political ecology, the politics of crop biotechnology in India and Brazil. Visiting Assistant Professor of Geography, Middlebury College.
MADHAVI MURTY, PhD, Communications (2011) (M.A. Minnesota). Media studies, construction of difference (social and political); nationalism, popular media discourse; race in America/religion in India.
TANVI PATEL, PhD, Department of English (2011) (B.A. University of California, Los Angeles, M.F.A. San Diego State University, M.A. University of Washington). Lecturer in English at University of California, Merced. Nineteenth-century British Colonial Victorian and 20th century South Asian Postcolonial literature, including home and domesticity, genre studies, gender, migration and diaspora.
VIKRAM PATTERSON, MA, South Asia Studies, (2012)  (B.A. in International Relations, Hawaii Pacific University, 2008. Research Interests: Indian Foreign Policy, Political economy of India and Asia, Regional economic development, Hindi.
JUNED SHAIKH, PhD, History (2011). Assistant Professor of History, University of California at Santa Cruz
ELIZABETH BRADY EVANS, MA Student, South Asian Studies and Public Affairs (2011) (BSFS, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, 2003.) US Foreign Service Officer, New Zealand.
ASHLEY DUTTA, MA, South Asian Studies (2010). Policy & Communication Director at Washington Council On International Trade.
CARA NICHOLL, MA, South Asian Studies (2010).
ALLISON STANKO, MA, South Asian Studies (B.A. in Linguistics, University of Illinois). The political-economy of India, privatization, the politics of port and infrastructure development, social costs of development. Associate at EnviroIssues: provides communications and data management support for a variety of transportation, environmental restoration and energy infrastructure improvement projects.
PHELPS FEELEY, MA, South Asian Studies (2007). International Development Consultant, currently Deputy Chief of Party at Libya Transition Initiative.
JEFFREY MASSE, PhD, Geography (2006) (B.A. Puget Sound). Environmental history, commodity chain analysis, bottled water; Nepal, Southeast Asia, South Asia.
NIMAH MAZAHERI, PhD , Political Science (2011). State-business relations and natural resource sectors in India.
RACHEL HEILMAN, MA, South Asian Studies (2007). High school teacher in North Las Vegas; teaching South Asian Culture and Society for the Columbia College Online Campus.
JAMES MUTTI, MA, South Asian Studies (2005). India Country Specialist at Amnesty International USA.
BYRON GRAY, BA, South Asian Studies (2012), Rhodes Scholar. Studying Social & Cultural Anthropology at University of Oxford.
DAVID CITRIN, PhD University of Washington (2012); MPH University of Washington (2011). Director of Impact at Possible Health. Affiliate Instructor of Anthropology at UW. Co-Director of UW Nepal Studies Initiative.
TAPOJA CHAUDHURI, PhD, Anthropology (2009). Visiting Assistant Professor at Haverford College. Adjunct Assistant Professor at College of Staten Island of the City University of New York.
NANDINI VALSAN, PhD, Anthropology.
MATTHEW BUNT, MA, South Asian Studies (2006). US Department of State.
SAILAJA CHERUKURI, MA, South Asian Studies (1995).
SAHAR ROMANI, MA, South Asian Studies (2008). DPhil Candidate at the School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford University. Visiting Research Scholar in Geography at the City University of New York Graduate Center.
NATHAN KUMAR SCOTT, MA, South Asian Studies (1998). Executive Director at SAGE: Studied Abroad for Global Education.