Amaal Akhtar

PhD, History


A native of Delhi, I hold an MPhil in Modern Indian History from Jawaharlal Nehru University (2018), an MSc in Contemporary India from the University of Oxford (2015), and MA and BA in Modern History from Delhi University (2014 and 2012, respectively). My research interests lie at the intersection of language, space, identity, and vernacular discourses of belonging and citizenship in mid-20 th century post-Partition north India, particularly among Muslims. Raised on a steady diet of Bollywood, Hindi cinema and its politics of representation feature prominently in my writing, which has appeared in The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Wire and The Quint. I am also an academic editor and translator, with contributions to Sair ul-Manazil [A Tour of the Mansions] (New Delhi: Tulika Books 2017).