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Recent Faculty and Grad Student Publications: 2020-2021

June 18, 2021

The 2020-21 academic year was a productive period for scholarly publications at the UW South Asia Center, with faculty and graduate students publishing dozens of scholarly articles and book chapters on a wide range of international and South Asia-related topics.

The highlights below reflect new publications from the last six months, approx. January–June 2021. See this post for publications appearing earlier in 2020-21.

Graduate Student Publications

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Shelby House published her review essay “Viral Ethnographies: Humans, Animals, and One Health Governance in a Zoonotic Age” in the Fall 2020 issue of Anthropological Quarterly. Rachel Rothenberg‘s essay on Hindu nationalism, viral bodies, and the political imaginaries of COVID-19 is forthcoming in the South Asia Multidisciplinary Journal (SAMAJ).

Faculty Publications

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Faculty publications contributed to new conversations in anthropology, literary studies, civil and environmental engineering, migration studies, and more.

In an article for South Asian History and Culture, Heidi Pauwels explored the role of affect and emotion in early Hindi-Urdu ‘yogi songs,’ and Richard Salomon published new reflections on the construction of early Buddhist texts for the Journal of Indian Philosophy. Jennifer Dubrow penned a book review of Neetu Khanna’s Visceral Logics (2020) for Critical Inquiry.

A yellow paper flag with an image of a cow with Hindu deities in her body and text that reads “Gau-Mata Rashtra-Mata.” Photo by Radhika Govindrajan.

Radhika Govindrajan‘s latest article in Cultural Anthropology, Labors of Love: On the Political Economies and Ethics of Bovine Politics in Himalayan India,” examines the role of love in Hindu nationalist cow protection movements. Priti Ramamurthy authored a book review of Fabricating Transnational Capitalism: A Collaborative Ethnography of Italian-Chinese Global Fashion by Lisa Rofel & Sylvia J. Yanagisako for The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology.

Analyzing new data from Nepal, Nathalie Williams contributed to a co-authored piece on entitled “Husbands’ migration: increased burden on or more autonomy for wives left behind?” for the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Writing with Rachel Castellano and Nives Dolsak, Aseem Prakash published new findings about climate migration and the Rohingya refugee crisis in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In Science of the Total Environment, Julian D. Marshall published findings from a series of intervention trials in rural India aimed at understanding emissions and pollutants from different fuel sources for cookstoves. Faisal Hossain published an analysis of irrigation advisory systems in India and Pakistan for Water Resources Research.

See this post for publications appearing earlier in 2020-21.