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Paula Holmes-Eber coedits book on building military cultural competence

May 12, 2020

Paula Holmes-EberAffiliate Professor Paula Holmes-Eber, with Kjetil Enstad of The Norwegian Defence University College, coedited “Warriors or Peacekeepers? Building Military Cultural Competence,” an anthology published by Springer International Publishing in May 2020, that compares research on the successes and failures of military cultural education and training programs in seven countries on three continents.

“I firmly believe that cross-cultural understanding is one of the most essential skills for the 21st century. As the coronavirus has made absolutely clear, we live in a global community, where it is imperative to work with and understand people from many different cultures,” said Holmes-Eber. “I was excited to co-author ‘Warriors or Peacekeepers: Building Military Cultural Competency’¬†because¬†we focused on the challenges of teaching and applying cultural understanding to resolve one of the most difficult world issues-war and conflict–but also because the book itself required cross-cultural cooperation and understanding!”

“My co-author Kjetil Enstad (who is Norwegian) and I had to work with researchers from seven different countries on three continents to create this book. It seems only fitting that “Warriors or Peacekeepers” is itself a product of cross-cultural collaboration and understanding.”

From 2006-2014, Holmes-Eber taught thousands of senior military and governmental leaders about the cultural aspects of conflict and military planning as Professor of Operational Culture at Marine Corps University.