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Lecturer Mark Ward on why garbage collection in Syria is crucial to fighting the Islamic State | The Conversation

January 17, 2019

Syrian war

In his article “Garbage collection in Syria is crucial to fighting the Islamic State” Jackson School Lecturer Mark Ward, a former career diplomat who also led the U.S. government team for delivering aid to Syria, examines “recent decisions and announcements by President Trump about withdrawing much of our [U.S.] aid and troops from northern Syria while the civil war continues and the Islamic State Group, or “IS,” still threatens…”

Originally published on January 16, 2019 by The Conversation, Ward’s opinion piece as been reprinted in Business Insider, Public Radio International, among other media. Ward is currently teaching a capstone seminar to Jackson School international studies majors on humanitarian aid, as part of the School’s Donald C. Hellmann Task Force Program as well as a course on tools to end conflict for the M.A. in Applied International Studies mid-career program.

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