M.A. in Applied International Studies

Change Makers to the Globe

Earn a Master's Degree in Applied International Studies

MAAIS places the opportunities and consequences of global change at the core of its mission and curriculum. The program develops business practitioners, government and non-governmental proponents, social activists, transnational actors, and knowledge makers to be confident change agents in the never-still world. MAAIS students directly engage and confront intractable global problems alongside leaders in the field, gaining insight and experience with the latest knowledge, ways of doing business, perspectives, and trends in international affairs. By integrating this hands-on experience with the latest research and theory from the Jackson School’s world-renowned faculty, MAAIS graduates are prepared to be difference makers in the world.

Accelerate your career and broaden your worldview with a Master of Arts in Applied International Studies (MAAIS) from the University of Washington. You may choose to complete the MAAIS program in 10 months, 12 months or two years. The program is offered by the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, a leading institution of area studies located in Seattle, a global center for trade, business and industry set strategically on the Pacific Rim.

Connect With Thought Leaders in a Pioneering Global City

The University of Washington occupies an important part of Seattle and its hub of technology, science, and innovation. MAAIS provides the chance to fully engage with committed players and thought leaders through its Civic Council. The council is made up of corporate, nongovernmental, political, and security sector figures from companies and organizations directly impacting the world economy and political climate, while influencing global policy and decision making.

MAAIS Civic Council members represent organizations such as Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, PATH, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and bring their expertise and diverse perspectives to the MAAIS program through special lectures, field trips, simulations, and group projects, offering networking opportunities and relevant and exploratory thinking.

Earn Your Degree at a World-Class Institution

The Jackson School is a globally recognized institution for international studies and a member of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA). Featuring a diverse faculty with global expertise, the Jackson School is ranked among the leading international studies schools in the world. Graduates of the MAAIS program emerge with valuable knowledge, important practical skills, commitment to change, and powerful professional connections.

MAAIS & Sustainability

As a proud and founding member of the University of Washington Multi-Sustainability Academic Program (UW MAP), MAAIS practices positive impact on the environment. Whether it’s limiting how much paper we use, what type of packaged foods we purchase, or reducing food waste, we honor and celebrate our beautiful planet’s immense gifts to us. Sustainability is a responsibility we take seriously, as we seek to be the very “changemakers” our program stands for.


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