Program Overview

Student & Alumni Stories

The Executive MIS program attracts students from across the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Our graduates leverage what they learn in the program to enter or advance their careers in government, nongovernmental and international organizations, business, and the military.

Below are the stories of a few of our alumni, who explain how the EMIS degree changed their outlook and helped them achieve their career goals.


“The EMIS program promises to build practitioners, with functioning skills and networks that empower the kind of impactful work I love to do.” – Heidi Breeze-Harris, 2016 Graduate


“I’m starting to look forward to what the civilian world is like. Getting a chance to be in Seattle and away from the military for almost a year, and getting a chance to work with corporations, really appealed to me.” – Jeffrey Forry, 2016 Graduate


“I was looking for a program that would allow me to take a look at the bigger picture. This is exactly what the EMIS program did with its interdisciplinary curriculum and content. The EMIS program definitely showed me that you can change something for the better and have an impact, making a difference right where you are.” – Torge Schwandt, 2015 Graduate


“I think one of the greatest takeaways from the EMIS program for me was the opportunity to work with others from diverse professional backgrounds. I learned from others with backgrounds in business, government, NGOs, and more. We shared classrooms, discussions, projects, and presentations together, ranging in topics from Cyprus to the South China Sea to the Arctic.”- John Simpson, 2017 Graduate