Program Overview


Degree Requirements

The Executive Master of International Studies consists of 58 credits: three EMIS core courses (15 credits); one-quarter Professional Development Practicum (4 credits); Capstone Project (5 credits); Crisis Negotiation Simulation (4 credits); four EMIS and Jackson School elective courses (20 credits, some of which may be used for independent study project or internship) and two UW electives (10 credits).


The EMIS curriculum develops students skills in high-level negotiations, conflict resolution, crisis management, effective public speaking, decoding modernity, deconstructing global challenges, humanitarian assistance, presentation skills and a “think different” mentality.  The coursework engages students with ample opportunities to build vital knowledge and to practice important skills in real-world or simulated settings.  EMIS students also interact with global practitioners and Civic Council members who represent leading international companies and organizations influencing global policy, social trends and decision-making.

Core Courses & Professional Practicum

The following Core courses (JSIS 500, JSSIS 546 and JSIS 531) are required to graduate and are offered once a year. Students also participate in the Professional Practicum and Crisis Negotiation workshops (JSIS 543, JSIS 544, and JSIS 549) to polish skills essential for international practitioners in all sectors. The workshops take place over Winter and Spring quarters.

EMIS & JSIS Elective Courses

Students must take 20 credits in 400 or 500 level courses within EMIS or in the Jackson School Jackson School courses. Be sure to note the quarter in which each course is offered. Courses are adjusted annually to keep up with a dynamic, never-still world. The availability of EMIS and Jackson School electives is subject to change. A partial list of offerings:

UW Elective Courses

EMIS students must take an additional 10 credits of elective coursework from other UW departments. Please note the quarter in which each course is available. To enroll in these 400 or 500 level courses, students must register during Period 2. Here is a sample list of UW elective courses popular with EMIS (you may also check the UW Time Schedule for more offerings as electives):

Degree Tracks

10-Month, Autumn Start Option

You could decide to complete the degree by completing 16 - 19 credits per quarter beginning in autumn quarter. View a sample course schedule to determine if this program option works for you.

12-Month, Winter Start Option

Alternatively, you may choose to complete the program over 12 months, beginning in winter quarter and completing the program the following autumn. View a sample course schedule to see how this program option may work for you.

2-Year Option

You may choose to complete the program over two years. This option is only available with an autumn start. View a sample course schedule to see how this program option works.