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West Coast Model EU

2021 West Coast Model EU

March 5-6, 2021

An online event hosted by the University of Washington

The 2021 West Coast Model EU will be an online event hosted using Zoom with support from Google Docs. All participants must have accounts with those platforms in order to join the event.

The West Coast Model European Union is an annual simulation of a European Council summit, bringing together undergraduate students from across the United States. Students, in teams of two, play the roles of representatives of European Union Member State delegations, and also the European Commission. Participants negotiate two issues of concern for the country holding the Presidency, Portugal (holding the presidency from January-June). Organized by the University of Washington’s Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, the 2021 West Coast Model European Union will take place online on March 5-6, 2021. There are no university or individual participation fees for the 2021 West Coast model EU.

Topics for the 2021 competition in brief:

  • Heads of Government:
    • Governance – Enhanced cooperation in light of the challenges of COVID-19
    • Post-Brexit institutional realignment
  • Foreign Ministers:
    • Migration – Maintaining or expanding the EU’s agreement with Turkey regarding retaining migrants on its territory
    • Expanding and normalizing certain ties, opportunities and programs with Russia

For a detailed description of these topics, please view the Communication of the Presidency below.


University Registration Form 2021 (closed)

University Country Preference Request Form 2021 (closed)

Hotel Reservations (N.A. for 2021)

Hotel Roommate Matcher (N.A. for 2021)

University Country Preference Request Form 2021 (closed)

2021 Communication of the Presidency – Topics

2021 University Country Assignments

Rules and Procedures 2021

Guidelines for Draft Resolutions 2021

Guidelines for Position Papers 2021

Submit Draft Resolutions – Due February 28, 2021

Submit Position Papers – Due February 28, 2021

2021 Model EU Schedule (Zoom links sent to participants in email)

UW Student Conduct Code

Model EU Dress Code (Business Formal via McMaster University)

Judging Criteria 2021

Winners and Honorable Mentions

Travel to UW (N.A. for 2021)

At UW and in Seattle (N.A. for 2021)


This event is supported by: The Erasmus+ funded Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at UW, the Foster School of Business’ Global Business Center, the Jackson School of International Studies, the Center for West European Studies, the Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, and attending universities.

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