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The Center for West European Studies & European Union Center has podcasts on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music! We produce podcasts of our many events so you can enjoy CWES lectures on the go – take a look at some of the most recent podcasts below.

Talk | Christine Landfried : “Democracy Redesigned – New Forms of Citizens’ Participation”

Since a decade ago we can observe that representative democracies in Europe and in the United States of America are endangered. A growing segment of the population is not only losing trust into the political elites, but also in democratic institutions. One consequence is the success of populist leaders and their anti-democratic and anti-pluralist politics. Another consequence is that social cohesion is becoming fragile. Polarization is increasing. What can be done? In her talk, Professor Landfried will discuss whether new forms of citizens’ participation are a way of rebuilding trust.


Talk | Christina Fiig: “EU Gender Policies in a Context of (Quasi) Permanent Crisis”

Since 2008, the EU has been struggling with the “interrelatedness of the Euro, refugee and Brexit crisis” (Caporaso, 2018), with the rise of populism (Erman & Verdun, 2018), and most recently with the Covid-19 pandemic. There are good reasons to assume that these multiple crises may be here to stay (Dinan, Nugent, & Paterson, 2017), as they are the result of many factors that are at once local, domestic, European, and global (Erman & Verdun, 2018). In this lecture, Dr. Fiig will establish a context of (quasi) permanent crisis as a framework for understanding the contemporary developments in EU gender policies and the rise of rightwing populist parties and voices in the European Parliament.

Talk | Panayotis League: “Echoes of the Great Catastrophe: Re-Sounding Anatolian Greekness in Diaspora”

In this talk, Professor Panayotis League explores the legacy of the “Great Catastrophe”—the death and expulsion from Turkey of 1.5 million Greek Christians following the Greco-Turkish War of 1919–1922—through the music and dance practices of Greek refugees and their descendants over the last one hundred years.

Talk | Elise Rainer: “From Pariah to Priority: How LGBTI Rights Became a Pillar of American and Swedish Foreign Policy”

Rainer’s book, “From Pariah to Priority: How LGBTI Rights Became a Pillar of American and Swedish Foreign Policy,” gives a unique, insider perspective that explains the unexpected incorporation of LGBTI rights into the United States and Swedish foreign policies.

Talk | Taso Lagos: “From My Village to the Global Village”

Taso Lagos presents his book, “Cooking Greek, Becoming American: 40 Years at Seattle’s Continental Restaurant.”

Panel | “In Focus: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine”

The Ellison Center for Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies presents a panel discussion with UW faculty and other guest speakers on the unfolding situation in Ukraine.

PANEL | Germany After Merkel – Assessing the 2021 Elections

After 16 years of Merkel’s chancellorship, the Bundestag elections on September 26 will bring about new coalition formations and uncertainties about the policy course of Germany and Europe. How the country will position itself in terms of addressing climate change, countering antidemocratic challengers, safeguarding the welfare state and a competitive economy, and providing leadership in Europe and beyond, is up for debate.

In the post-election panel on “Germany after Merkel” on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, three outstanding experts in German politics—Joyce Mushaben, Christiane Lemke, and Sarah Lohmann—discussed the aforementioned questions in a conversation moderated by Sabine Lang, Professor of European Politics at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies and Director of the Center for West European Studies, a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence.

This event was presented by UW Center for West European Studies and the UW Department of German Studies in partnership with Goethe Pop Up Seattle.

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