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The Center for West European Studies | European Union Center has podcasts on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Amazon Music. We produce podcasts of our many events so you can enjoy CWES lectures on the go! Take a look at some of the most recent podcasts below.

Germany After Merkel – Assessing the 2021 Elections

After 16 years of Merkel’s chancellorship, the Bundestag elections on September 26 will bring about new coalition formations and uncertainties about the policy course of Germany and Europe. How the country will position itself in terms of addressing climate change, countering antidemocratic challengers, safeguarding the welfare state and a competitive economy, and providing leadership in Europe and beyond, is up for debate. Listen here.

Safeguarding Democracies

In light of the general elections in Germany in September 2021, the German Consulate General in San Francisco together with the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa), the Center for West European Studies of the University of Washington, and the Goethe Pop Up Seattle presented the virtual transatlantic conversation “Safeguarding Democracies: Social Media and Populist Narratives in Germany and the U.S.” on September 20, 2021, as part of the lecture series of the Federal Republic of Germany. Listen here.

Tricky Tradeoffs Between Sustainability, Energy, and Economics

Scott L. Montgomery is an author, geoscientist, and affiliate faculty member in the Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington. He writes and lectures on a wide variety of topics related to energy (geopolitics, technology, resources, climate change), American politics, intellectual history, language and communication, and the history of science. For more than two decades, Montgomery worked as a geoscientist in the energy industry, writing over 100 scientific papers and 70 monographs on topics related to oil and gas, energy technology, and industry trends. Montgomery is the author of 12 books and is currently pursuing several areas of research, including the role of Enlightenment ideas in present-day American politics, as well as the future of petroleum and its role in geopolitics and climate change. Listen here.

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