The European Union in Seattle

Seattle, home to a thriving tech industry and international business community, is an ideal location for a Center for West European Studies and EU Center. The fifteenth largest metropolitan area in the United States and an indispensable gateway to Asia, Seattle is the third largest port in North America. Many European Union Member States maintain diplomatic and business relations in Seattle, to benefit from the Pacific Northwest’s economy and culture.

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport boasts many flights to Europe, including direct flights to Reykjavik, Paris, London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. Another highlight in the city is the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), the largest and most highly attended film festival in the United States, which showcases many European films at its annual event.

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European Consulates and Representatives in Seattle & Washington State:

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In addition to diplomatic ties to European countries, there is an abundance of cultural, language-based, and economic organizations in Seattle.

The Center for West European Studies and the EU Center do not formally endorse any of these organizations.