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European Studies Major and Minor



The purpose of the curriculum in European Studies is to help prepare students to pursue careers requiring an understanding of all the forces, both material and cultural, contemporary and historical, that are shaping Europe today, in the transitions involved in the post-Soviet era and the movement toward greater political, economic, and cultural integration among the various nations of Europe West, East, North and South. Students may pursue European Studies either as an area concentration for its own sake or as a supplement to the development of particular expertise in a related discipline. Students may also focus, within the major, on Hellenic Studies or Russian, east European and Central Asian Studies.

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Major in European Studies

Course # Title Credits Quarter
JSIS 201 The Making of the Twenty-first Century 5 Winter or Spring
JSIS A 301 Europe Today 5 Autumn
JSIS A 302 European Politics and Cultures 5
Modern European History Survey e.g. JSIS A 251– See approved list 5 Any quarter
Study Abroad 1 quarter study abroad program in Europe. (Encouraged Not Required See UW Study Abroad for more) 10 Any quarter
JSIS A 494/495 European Studies Senior Seminar / Thesis option 5 Autumn/ Spring
Pre-modern Elective See approved list 5 Any
Global Elective See approved list 5 Any
Additional Elective See approved list 5 Any
European Languageother than English Proficiency thru 2nd year college level or 3rd quarter of 2nd year college level – modern foreign language
Additional Language Approved coursework at the 300 or 400 level either taught in the language or involving extensive European language use 10 Varies
Minimum Grade Minimum grade 2.0 in all courses applied to major.
Online Program Guide Total Credits: 60

European Studies Options

Seminar or Thesis Option

JSIS A 494 is a seminar course in which students research and write a paper of substantial length. Students may opt instead for a thesis project by completing JSIS A 495; see below for information about the research-intensive track in the major

JSIS A 495 Research Intensive – Thesis Option

Students also may complete an optional Research-Intensive track, in which they will demonstrate and use the knowledge gained in all previous coursework and experience and make intensive use of foreign language skills in research. Students in the track write a substantial thesis (c. 8,000 words) and complete JSIS A 495, Thesis Seminar (5), taught in spring quarter only.

The Research-Intensive track consists of the following

  • Completion of JSIS A 495, Thesis Seminar (5 cr), which may count in place of JSIS A 494 (Senior Seminar). JSIS A 495 is offered in spring quarter only.

Planning for the Research-Intensive Option

Entry to the track requires a formal review. Interested students may submit proposals directly to Christine Ingebritsen no later than October 31st of their senior year. Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Proposals for the Research-Intensive option will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • an essay or already completed essay in which students discuss their proposed research;
  • grades earned in JSIS A 301, JSIS 201, and the required European Survey;
  • grades earned in other courses counting in the major;
  • overall UW GPA.
  • Candidates should have junior standing and are expected to have completed of at least one year of foreign language, with a second year (or beyond) in progress at the time the proposal is submitted.
  • At least 20 credits in the major should be complete at the time of submission.

Students should consult a European Studies adviser when planning for the option. Follow this link for a proposal form for the Research-Intensive track, or obtain a copy in the Jackson School Office of Student Services, Thomson 111.

Organizing Themes

Majors may organize the major around a region, theme, or disciplinary focus, but they are not required to do so. Two regional options have more formal course patterns: Hellenic Studies and Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies. These options provide for specific course work for the language and foreign study requirements, one or more of the electives, and the Senior Seminar. Details are available in the Office of Academic Services.

European Studies Minor

25 credits plus foreign language, as follows:

  1. A continental European language through the sixth quarter
  2. 15 credits of core courses including JSIS A 301 (5), JSIS 201 (5), and an approved survey course on modern Europe (5)
  3. 10 credits from approved list of electives

European Studies Courses


History Survey Courses

Course # Title
JSIS A 251 Events That Shook Modern Europe: From The French Revolution To The EU
HSTEU 303 Contemporary European History Since 1815
ARCH 352 History of Modern Architecture: Western World 1750 to present
ART H 203 Survey of Western Art – Modern
JSIS C / HSTCMP 250 Introduction to Jewish Cultural History
RELIG 305 Modern Religious Thought
POL S 310 Western Tradition of Political Thought, Modern
HSTCMP / CHID 207 Introduction to Intellectual History (Western)

Pre-Modern Electives

Course # Title
ART H 300 / CHID 300 Ideas in Art
ART H 361 Italian Renaissance Art
ART H 366 Northern Renaissance Art
ART H 373 Southern Baroque Art
ART H 374 Northern Baroque Art
ART H 458 Last Things: The Imagery of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory (1400-1700)
ART H 461 Early Renaissance Painting
ART H 462 High Renaissance Painting
ART H 463 Italian Renaissance Sculpture
ART H 464 Late Renaissance Painting in Italy
ART H 471 Rome in the 17th Century: Baroque Art in Rome
ART H 476 French Art: Eighteenth Century
ENGL 212 Literature of Enlightenment and Revolution
ENGL 225 Shakespeare
ENGL 323 Shakespeare to 1603
ENGL 324 Shakespeare after 1603
ENGL 325 English Literature: The Late Renaissance
ENGL 326 Milton
ENGL 327 English Literature: Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century
ENGL 328 English Literature: Later Eighteenth Century
ENGL 329 Rise of the English Novel
GERMAN 421 Studies in Eighteenth-Century and Culture
HSTAM 370 / SCAND 370 The Vikings
HSTAM 443 / JSIS A 443 Kievan and Moscovite Russia: 850 – 1700
HSTEU 301 Early Modern European History: 1450-1648
HSTEU 302 Modern European History: 1648-1815
HSTEU 304 Cultural History of Renaissance Europe
HSTEU 305 European Witch Trials
HSTEU 361 Golden Age of Spain
HSTEU 380 / SCAND 380 History of Scandinavia to 1720
HSTEU 401 The Italian Renaissance HSTEU 402 The Reformation
HSTEU 402 The Reformation
HSTEU 422 The French Revolution and Napoleon: 1789-1815
HSTEU 451 East-Central Europe Since 1342
HSTEU 470 The Jacobethan Age: England 1580-1630
HSTEU 471 England in the Sixteenth Century
HSTEU 472 England in the 17th Century
MUSIC 264 / JSIS D 264 Sacred Music in the European Tradition
PHIL 437 Philosophy of Hume
POL S 309 Western Tradition of Political Thought, Pre Modern
FRENCH 211 French Masterworks: Ancient Regime in English
FRENCH 305 Survey of French Literature: 1600-1789
FRENCH 414 French Literature of the Eighteenth Century: Enlightenment
FRENCH 484 Rabelais and Montaigne in English
FRENCH 485 Racine and Moliere in English
ITAL 402 Early Modern Italian Readings
ITAL 403 Early Modern Italian Readings II
ITAL 414 Literature of the Renaissance: Cinquecento
ITAL 423 Seventeenth Century Italian Literature
ITAL 424 Eighteenth Century Italian Literature
ITAL 470 Dante
ITAL 480 Dante’s Comedy in English
ITAL 481 Dante’s Comedy in English
ITAL 482 The Decameron in English
SPAN 305 Survey of Spanish Literature 1498-1681
SPAN 353 / C LIT 211 Freedom and Imagination in Cervantes’ Don Quixote
SPAN 433 Golden Age Prose
SPAN 440 Spanish Drama: 1150-1600
SPAN 441 Spanish Drama: 1600- 1635
SPAN 453 Cervantes and His Times
SCAND 251 Holberg and His Comedies in English
SCAND 370 / HSTAM 370 The Vikings
SCAND 380 / HSTEU 380 History of Scandinavia to 1720
RUSS 321 Russian Literature and Culture: 1700-1840

Global Electives *Global only

Course # Title
HSTCMP 440 / JSIS B 440 History of Communism
JSIS A 465 International Humanitarian Law
*JSIS B 315 Law State and Society
*JSIS B 324 Immigration
*JSIS B 330 International Political Economy
 *JSIS B/ GWSS 333 Gender and Globalization
*JSIS B 334/ LSJ 336 Law in Multicultural Context
*JSIS B/ GEOG 344 Migration Global Economy
JSIS B/ SCAND/ ENVIR 350 Environmental Norms in International Politics
*JSIS B/ LSJ 366 Comparative Law, Society, and Courts
*JSIS B/ GEOG 375 Geopolitics
*JSIS B 386 Law/ Pol International Trade
*JSIS B 388 Political Economy Industrial Nations
JSIS B/ GEOG 403 Migration & Citizenship in Europe
*JSIS B 406/ POL S 432 Political Islam
*JSIS B 407 Islamist Movements
*JSIS B 421 International Security
*JSIS B 424 International Law/ Arms Control
*JSIS B/ POL S 426 World Politics
*JSIS B 427 Weapons of Mass Destruction
*JSIS B/ POL S 436 Ethnic Politics
*JSIS B 437 Global Diasporas