Hellenic Studies

Courses in Hellenic Studies

Hellenic Studies offers a variety of courses, including Modern Greek courses as well as rotating topical courses with visiting instructors.

Modern Greek

Our Modern Greek courses are offered on a yearly basis: the cycle begins in Autumn quarter and continues through Spring. Normally, we offer both first- and second-year courses under the JSIS E course code.

In addition, the Hellenic Studies Program at the University is authorized as a Center for the Examination of Attainment in Modern Greek Language through the Greek Language Center, a branch of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. The Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek is the only officially recognized diploma in Modern Greek proficiency, and it is accepted as evidence of knowledge of Modern Greek for employment and other purposes by the Greek state, the European Union and other organizations. Hellenic Studies program is responsible for conducting the examination at the University of Washington. For more information, contact Mrs. Maria Moroseos (mariam@cdengr.com) or click here.

The current instructor for all Modern Greek language courses is Heracles Panagiotides. For more information, visit the UW Time Schedule under JSIS E.

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