Hellenic Studies

Courses in Hellenic Studies

The program regularly offers courses about the relationship between ancient and modern Greece (JSIS A 239: Greece: Ancient to Modern) and contemporary Greece and the modern world (JSIS A 240: Greece Today; JSIS A 349: Migration and Multiculturalism in the Mediterranean; JSIS B 312: Money, Love and Marriage).

These courses can be counted towards a 25-credit Minor in Hellenic Studies by choosing additional courses from an approved list of courses in History, Classics, Art History, and Philosophy.

Students can also take courses in Modern Greek language. Beginning (JSIS E 111,112,113) and intermediary (JSIS E 211, 212, 213) courses are offered in an on-line format developed by instructor Dr. Heracles Panagiotides. An intensive on-line course is offered in the summer through the Continuum College. Credit from language courses may be applied towards the Minor in Hellenic Studies. In addition, the Hellenic Studies Program at the University is authorized as a Center for the Examination of Attainment in Modern Greek Language through the Greek Language Center, a branch of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. The Certificate is the only officially recognized diploma in Modern Greek proficiency, and it is accepted as evidence of knowledge of Modern Greek for employment and other purposes by the Greek state, the European Union and other organizations.

For more information, visit the UW Time Schedule under JSIS E.