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UW Student Essay Featured as SAM Object of the Week

September 7, 2022

The Seattle Art Museum has selected an essay by UW undergraduate student Ji In to feature in their Object of the Week online publication. The essay, which discusses a Kālī image from the folk tradition of Mithila called Madhubani, was written as part of Professor Heidi Pauwels‘ Winter 2022 course “Gender and the Hindu Goddess” (RELIG 456 / ASIAN 498 / CHID 498 / C LIT 322), where students conducted a tour of the SAM special exhibit Embodied Change: South Asian Art Across Time. Students in this class were offered the opportunity to write a final exhibition essay in lieu of the more traditional research paper. Those exhibition essays had the chance to be selected by the art museum to be featured on their website, with Ji In’s essay ultimately being chosen.

Her essay can be found here.

A stylized image of a the goddess Kālī image from the folk tradition of Mithila, called Madhubani. A woman's face with blue skin, full lips, oversized eyes rimmed in pink and a tear-shaped pink bhindi, all framed by gently curling black hair.