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Teaching Controversial Topics: Middle East, India and Pakistan

Iranian boy at protest
An Iranian boy, fist raised in symbolic defiance, heads a huge crowd of Ayatollah Khomeini supporters across Tehran in an anti-Shah demonstration estimated at over a million strong, Dec. 10, 1978. Behind him demonstrators carry a banner reading: "Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his own country," and behind another reads: "We will destroy Yankee power in Iran." (AP Photo)

February 27, 2016

This course examines current and past hot topics and texts (e.g., India and Pakistan’s shared history and wars, terrorism, Iraq War, Iran’s nuclear controversy, 1979 Iranian Revolution, the israeli and Palestinian conflict, poetry as the language of protest) that have shaped India, Pakistan and the Middle East.

Instructor: Khodadad Kaviani

Spring, 2016, SLN 20836, Saturdays 9:00-2:30

Location: UW Bothell Campus