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South Asia Center Sponsors Film at SIFF

May 20, 2019


The South Asia Center is a proud sponsor of the Seattle International Film Festival. This year the Center is sponsoring a film from Sri Lanka titled House of My Fathers. In addition, two other South Asia films will screen at this year’s SIFF. They are The Sweet Requiem, and Widow of Silence. Find more details below and at the links.

House of My Fathers

Director: Suba Sivakumaran
Sri Lanka/United Kingdom 2018, 95 min

The tragic and bloody real-life ethnic conflict between Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka inspired this magical-realist fable, in which a man and a woman from antagonistic communities must meet to remove the curse that afflicts both sides.

SAT, May 18 • 8:30 PM • Lincoln Square
TUE, May 21 • 4:00 PM • SIFF Cinema Uptown
THU, June 6 • 9:30 PM • Pacific Place

The Sweet Requiem

Directors: Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam
India/USA 2018, 93 min

The harsh but stunning Himalayan scenery is unforgettable in this story of a young Tibetan living in a refugee community in India who is forced to face again the trauma of her treacherous tramontane journey.

SUN, May 19 • 4:00 PM • SIFF Cinema Uptown
MON, May 20 • 7:00 PM • SIFF Cinema Uptown

Widow of Silence

Director: Praveen Morchhale
India 2018, 85 min

Her husband arrested, his fate a mystery, a Muslim woman in war-ravaged Kashmir lives in a grueling legal limbo as a “half-widow,” battling a cruel bureaucracy while trying to care for her daughter and mother-in-law.

THU, May 23 • 8:30 PM • Lincoln Square
THU, May 30 • 9:30 PM • Pacific Place
FRI, May 31 • 11:00 AM • Pacific Place