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Resource Collection: Teaching, Learning, and Working Remotely

March 19, 2020

This collection brings together information on core resources for teaching, learning, and working remotely. Technology guides, UW policies, and articles on best practices for remote education are included in the links. A great starting point for instructors is UW’s Center for Teaching and Learning, which includes guides on remote teaching.

Technology for Working Remotely

For an overview of technology available for working remotely, visit UW-IT’s Technology for Working Remotely page. This includes links for remote video/audio communications, forwarding voicemail and office phone calls to personal phones, remotely accessing work computers, and more.

Zoom is a video calling service available to all UW students, staff, and faculty. During this time of limited campus operations, all UW Zoom accounts have been upgraded to Pro, allowing meetings of unlimited length with up to 300 participants. Zoom can be used to teach courses, hold office hours, host meetings, connect with other students to study, and more. Visit UW-IT’s Zoom page for tutorials on downloading and getting started. If you are a Center affiliated faculty member and would like to practice using Zoom, Center staff are available to assist with test runs. Contact us to set up a time.

Canvas is a platform that facilitates things like document and resource sharing, and discussion boards for students in a course. UW-IT has a page on Canvas Help for Instructors and Staff.

The Ally tool in Canvas can help make documents accessible by converting formats to computer readable text, text to audio, electronic braille, and other formats.

Panopto is a lecture capture tool that allows instructors to record lectures and also display documents, PowerPoint presentations, or web browsers. Panopto is integrated with Canvas. See UW-IT’s Panopto resources page for more information.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) will allow you to connect to campus resources such as shared drives. First follow the instructions to install Husky OnNet, then follow the guide for either Windows or Mac to connect to Jackson School drives.

G-Suite tools include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and more. Using Google Sheets and Docs is an easy way to make spreadsheets and documents available anywhere you have an internet connection. UW-IT has more information here.

The Student Technology Loan Program lends laptops, tablets, and other equipment to students. For students that may need a computer for courses during spring quarter, get in touch with program staff soon.

Policies and Other Resources

Odegaard Writing & Research Center tutors are now available for appointments remotely.

UW’s Coronavirus Resource Page provides information on UW’s response to coronavirus, including information on travel and event restrictions.

UW Libraries COVID-19 Updates and Resources page provides information on library closures, and ways to access library resources during the shutdown.

UW HR’s Working During COVID-19 page contains information on telework and time-off policies, child care and self-care resources.

UW Research has created a page for Mitigating Impacts to Research Activities and an FAQ page on Human Subjects Research and IRB