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Recent Faculty Publications – 2023-24

May 14, 2024

In our continued effort to spotlight recent scholarly outputs of our faculty, the South Asia Center is proud to present a summary of recent publications that contribute to various fields related to South Asia Studies and beyond.

The list below contains a snapshot of scholarly publications related to South Asia appearing since 2023.

Featured Publications:

Bhan, Mona, and Radhika Govindrajan. “More‐than‐human Supremacy: Himalayan Lessons on Cosmopolitics.” American Anthropologist 126, no. 2 (December 3, 2023): 182–93.

Dattani, Kavita. “Spectrally Shape-Shifting: Biometrics, Fintech and the Corporate-State in India.” Journal of Cultural Economy, (2023), 1–19.

Dhavan, Purnima. “Urban Development and Environmental History in Modern South Asia: Edited by Ian Talbot and Amit Ranjan, London, Routledge, 2023.” Contemporary South Asia 31, no. 3 (2023): 514–15.

Dubrow, Jennifer. “Megan Eaton Robb. Print and the Urdu Public: Muslims, Newspapers, and Urban Life in Colonial India.” The American Historical Review 128, no. 3 (September 1, 2023): 1428–55.

Duschinski, Haley, Mona Bhan, and Cabeiri deBergh Robinson. The Palgrave Handbook of New Directions in Kashmir Studies. Springer International Publishing, Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan, 2023.

Fani, Aria. Reading across Borders: Afghans, Iranians, and Literary Nationalism. University of Texas Press, 2024.

Fani, Aria. “The Shadow-Texts of National History: Poetic Participation in Iran and Afghanistan.” Philological Encounters 8, no. 2–3 (2023): 150–75.

Raghunath, Preeti, and Anis Rahman. “Opening up the Black Box of Communication Governance in South Asia: Critical Policy Ethnography as Methodology.” Global Communication Governance at the Crossroads, December 24, 2023, 389–410.

Rai, Sauharda, Rubina Awale, Dirgha Jibi Ghimire, and Deepa Rao. “Pathways of Association between Husbands’ Migration and Mental Health of Their Wives Who Stay behind.” SSM – Mental Health 3 (December 2023): 100186.

Pauwels, Heidi. “Rethinking the Early Sufi Romance: The Case of Cāndāyan.” Hindu Studies 27, 253–279 (2023).

Pauwels, HeidiThe Voice of the Indian Mona Lisa: Gender and Culture in Eighteenth-Century Rajasthan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023.

Prakash, Vikramaditya. Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh Revisited: Preservation as Future Modernism. London: Routledge, 2023.

Ramesh, Aditya. “The Plague in Madras: The Making of an ‘Immune’ City.” Journal of Urban History, December 18, 2023.

Salomon, Richard, and Nicolas Revire. “A Unique Śaṅkhalipi (Shell-Script) Inscription from Si Thep, Thailand.” Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 76, no. 3 (2023): 355–71.

Yang, Anand. “Everywhere a Market: Rethinking Embedded Exchange in Modern India.” Modern Asian Studies 57, no. 5 (2023): 1666–76.

Yang, Anand. “The Prison-Handicraft Complex: Convict Labour in Colonial India.” Modern Asian Studies 57, no. 3 (2023): 808–34.