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Newspapers in Education: South Asia Resources

July 28, 2015

The following South Asia specific resources are selected from the Newspapers in Education series, a collaborative effort between the Seattle Times and the Global Studies and Asia Title VI Resource Centers in the Jackson School of International Studies at UW.

Global Energy Today: The Asian Nexus (2017)

The Asian Nexus, Introduction
Some Fundamental Problems of Energy Development in South Asia
The Asian Nexus: Conclusion

Global Asia: Turning Points in Modern Asian History (2016)

Series Teachers’ Guide
Turning Points in South Asia, 1900-2016
Turning Points in Asia: Looking into the Future

Global Asia: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (2015)

Series Teachers’ Guide
Early Modern Empires of Asia
Premodern Empires of Asia
Colonialism and Imperialism in Asia
China/Asia Rules the World?

Asian Cities (2014)

Series Teachers’ Guide
Growth and People in Bangalore, India

Political Change in the 21st Century (2013)

Series Teachers’ Guide
Politics and the 2011 Census of India

Islam in Asia; People, Practices, Traditions (2012)

Series Teachers’ Guide
Islam in Asia
Education in Pakistan

Exploring Asia Human Rights (2011)

Series Teachers’ Guide
What are Human Rights?
India’s Food for All

Asia and the Environment (2010)

Series Teachers’ Guide
Human Impact on the Environment
Trash Pickers, Children, and Health in India

Global Health: Asia in the 21st Century (2009)

Series Teachers’ Guide
HIV AIDS Awareness and Education in India

Exploring Asia: Performing Arts (2008)

Series Teachers’ Guide
Qawwali: From Sufi Ritual to Commercial Pop

Youth Culture in Asia (2007)

Series Teachers’ Guide
Children’s Work in India

Continuity and Change in Asia (2006)

Series Teachers’ Guide
South Asia in Colonialism’s Wake
The Challenge of Democracy in Modern India