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New Summer Class: Social and Political Geographies of South Asia

Social and Political Geographies of South Asia

May 6, 2015

Social and Political Geographies of South Asia
JSIS A 438 / GEOG 436
A-term (June 22nd-July 22nd)
MTWTh 9:40am – 11:20am
THO 335

This course will explore three primary themes within the framework of contemporary social and political landscapes of South Asia: (1) everyday lived experiences of poverty, structural violence, and inequality; (2) gender and sexuality in social & political life (including specific attention to masculinities, queer activism, and violence against women); and (3) secularism and religious identity in the political sphere. A number of threads will run through these thematic discussions, including citizenship & rights, access to the public sphere, the role & responsibilities of the state, social activism and movements, and contested notions of tradition and modernity. Class discussions, readings, and analysis will draw on empirical research from across the subcontinent, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The course will follow a seminar format, and students will actively participate in discussions (of varied format) and explore a topic of their choice through a mini-research project and presentation. (5 credits) I&S

Instructor: Amy Piedalue, Geography (

SLN 14293