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Professor Cabeiri Robinson Featured in Human Rights Panel at Karachi Literature Festival

May 1, 2014

Karachi Lit

Associate Professor of International Studies and South Asian Studies Cabeiri Robinson participated in a panel entitled “Human Rights and Wrongs in Pakistan” at the Fifth Karachi Literature Festival in February.

Professor Robinson has been featured in two articles in the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, “5th Karachi Literature Festival: A state of terror” and “A paradox of human rights.”

Excerpts from the articles:

“The session began with a thoughtful presentation by Dr Robinson, who distilled years of research into a quarter of an hour, explaining the intricacies of international humanitarian laws and human rights.”

“KARACHI: Asma Jehangir, Mohammed Hanif and Aasim Sajjad Akhtar were the crowd-drawing big names at the ‘Human Rights and Wrongs in Pakistan’ session at the fifth Karachi Literature Festival on Friday. But the presence of political and legal anthropologist Cabeiri deBergh Robinson in the human rights panel brought forth a new perspective on human rights.”