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EVENT RECAP | HYBRID LECTURE | Community Engagement in the Archaeology and Heritage of Pakistan: New Work at MohenjoDaro | Uzma Z. Rizvi (Pratt Institute)

May 31, 2022

On Thursday, May 12, 2022, Professor Uzma Rizvi delivered a lecture on her most recent archeological research at the site of MohenjoDaro. As a site, MohenjoDaro has been studied for over a century, and yet there is a lot to still learn of the ancient city. In her lecture she discussed how her research utilizes a vertical survey of extant walls at MohenjoDaro to more securely locate time and changes across time in a neighborhood. A key component of Professor Rizvi’s research is focused on building capacity through teaching and including local and regional specialists and students of archaeology. Rather than pursuing archaeology as an extractive exercise, her methods of research engender generative modes of knowledge production and sharing. Her lecture was well attended by South Asia faculty and students.