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Earthquake Emergency Relief Activities

April 30, 2015

Support NepalDear friends, colleagues, and well-wishers of Nepal,

We are deeply moved by the devastating earthquake on April 25th, 2015 in Nepal. At this moment of unimaginable tragedy, your overwhelming support has touched our hearts and supported us to gather our energy to bounce back.

We appreciate every prayer and every penny that you have generously donated. Now, we are moving forward to support the epicenter of the earthquake, Gorkha District, where over 50% of the houses have been destroyed and everyone is displaced. Unfortunately, relief efforts have been terribly slow to reach Gorkha. The University of Washington Nepal Studies Initiative and the Nepalese Student Association are working to coordinate relief efforts at the University of Washington.

Please donate today:

How:     Nepalese Student Association

Info:       For information and questions, please email:

The Nepalese Student Association will donate all proceeds to “Bhume Jankalyan Samaj” (meaning Bhume Welfare Society) a local Nepal-based non-profit organization providing immediate and long-term relief in Gorkha District. Funds will be used for food, shelter, blankets, toilets, water filters, and other relief efforts.

Please stand with us in this time of need,

Nepal Studies Initiative Team