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Dubrow Publishes Essay on Urdu Poetry, India’s Anti-CAA Protests

Paper boats inscribed with lines from Faiz's poem "Hum Dekhenge" are laid out in the shape of a heart in this art installation in Shaheen Bagh, New Delhi.

April 16, 2020

Jennifer Dubrow (AL&L) recently published an essay in the online journal positions entitled “Singing the Revolution: India’s Anti-CAA Protests and Faiz’s ‘Hum Dekhenge.'” This piece highlights the role of Urdu poetry in the current protests against India’s Citizenship Amendment Act, with focus on the poem “Hum Dekhenge” by Faiz Ahmad Faiz, a rallying cry in protests in India and abroad. You can read the piece here.

Video: Iqbal Bano performs “Hum Dekhenge” on February 13, 1986, at the annual Faiz Mela