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Congratulations to our 2023 South Asia Studies Graduates!

June 27, 2023

The South Asia Center congratulates the 2023 graduates of the MA in International Studies (South Asia) and affiliated South Asia Studies programs!

Prerna Choubey

  • Degree: M.A. in International Studies (South Asia), Jackson School of International Studies
  • Research interests: public policy research
  • Final papers: “Midday Meal: Disparity on Paper versus Plate”
  • Honors & awards: Mykut Scholarship
  • Favorite class: Christian Novetzke’s core classes
  • Advice for new students: Make the most of the beautiful campus, libraries, and amazing professors. And also, to never miss the cherry blossom season.

Scott Halliday

  • Degree: Ph.D. in Global Health: Implementation Science, Department of Global Health
  • Research interests: healthcare systems strengthening, implementation science, behavioral healthcare services, and global health delivery
  • Final papers: “Collaborative Care Models for Behavioral Healthcare Services Integration”
  • Honors & awards: FLAS Academic Year Fellowship in intermediate Hindi, FLAS Summer Fellowship in beginning Hindi, and the Department of Global Health Fellowship for Academic Excellence
  • Favorite class: JSIS A 508 & 509 – South Asia graduate seminars, GWSS 539 – Social Movements in India, and so many more!
  • Advice for new students:
    • The University of Washington has a ton of resources to help you succeed, but navigating the university can be challenging. Ask early and often for help form your peers, faculty, and staff (especially the South Asia Center staff) – we all want to see you succeed!
    • You belong here, just as you are! Your perspectives and experiences, successes and failures, and highs and lows are all valid.
    • You are much more than your thesis, dissertation, and research interests. Make sure to take the time and energy to take care of yourself, build your community, support the ones who are important to you, and to enjoy the journey.

Anup Hiwrale

  • Degree: M.A. in Comparative Religion, Jackson School of International Studies
  • Research interests: My academic interest lies in studying the religions of South Asia specifically Buddhism and Hinduism, their history, language, and culture from the beginning to the modern period. Also, religious social-political importance for the historically marginalized communities in South Asia. I study Pali, Sanskrit, and Prakrit languages to deepen the understanding of the literature, people, and culture, and how religion has changed.
  • Final papers:
    • “Navayana Buddhism: Reclaiming New Identity and Interpreting Religion”
    • “The Struggle against Caste: From Local to Global”
  • Honors & awards:
    • Top Scholar Award 2021-22
    • Domoto and Eugene Webb Fellowship 2021-22 & 2022-23
    • IAWW Scholarship
    • Frank F. Conlon Endowed Fellowship
      • Summer Language Program 2021-22
      • South Asia Studies 2022-23
    • Khyentse-Husky Buddhist Studies Fellowships 2022-23
    • Eugene and Marilyn D. Webb Scholarship in Comparative Religion 2022-23
    • Joan W. Welk Endowed Fellowship in Comparative Religion 2022-23
  • Favorite class:  I like classes of Theorised Religion, South Asia Studies I-II, Sanskrit, Public Writing, Feminist Research and Methods, Social Movements in India.
  • Future plans after graduation: I will be joining the doctoral program in Religious Studies at Stanford University.
  • Advice for new students: I would advise the new student that we have the best resources at our hand to achieve the goal, please utilize them. I always interacted with faculties and students to solve all the problems. They are really open minded to understand you.

Nathan Mark

  • Degree: M.A. in International Studies (South Asia), Jackson School of International Studies
  • Research interests: Afghan politics/extremist groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan/Iran geopolitical relationships
  • Final papers:
    • “Protesting Existence: The Framing of the Women’s Protest Movement in Afghanistan”
    • “Despondent Destinies: The Situation of Regionally Displaced Afghans Following August 2021”
  • Honors & awards: 2021-22, Summer 2022, and 2022-23 FLAS Recipient in Persian
  • Favorite class: Persian Media with Dr. Fani
  • Future plans after graduation: Accepted a job in Washington D.C. working for Sen. Roger Marshall (KS)
  • Advice for new students: Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors and ask for help! They are the best resource at your disposal; don’t be scared!

Amrita Vinod

  • Degree: M.S. in Architecture History and Theory, College of Built Environments
  • Research interests: history and nature of architectural production
  • Final papers: “ARCHITECT-ING AS WORLD BUILDING: Knowing the world through Kaḷiyāṭṭaṁ of Malabar coast, India”
  • Honors & awards: John Morse International Travel Fellowship
  • Future plans after graduation: Ph.D. in Art and Architecture History at the University of Pittsburgh.