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Congratulations to 2022 South Asia Studies Graduates!

June 14, 2022

The South Asia Center congratulates the 2022 graduates of the MA in International Studies (South Asia) and affiliated South Asia Studies programs!

Sukhmann Bajwa

  • Degree: M.A. in South Asia Studies, Jackson School of International Studies
  • Research interests: Social Death, Resistance Movements, Gender, and Sexuality in South Asia
  • Final papers: “Shifting Solidarities: Women and Queer Communities Mobilizing the Samyukt Kisan Morcha” and “Uneven Spaces: Transregional Human Commodification in Indian Ocean Historiography”
  • Honors & awards: Twice FLAS recipient in Urdu
  • Favorite class: GWSS 539 Social Movements in India
  • Advice for new students: Build a supportive network with your colleagues and advisors.

Karishma Manglani

  • Degree: M.A. in South Asia Studies, Jackson School of International Studies
  • Research interests: Feminist ethnography; Gender and Sexuality in Urban Spaces; Women’s literature; Memory, Nationalism, and use of History; Belonging as an analytic;
  • Final papers: “Remembering Partition ‘Right’: Understanding Hindutva’s Regionalization in Sindhi Hindu Memories” and “Longings and Belongings in a Delhi Park: Four Stories on Class, Gender, and Space”
  • Honors & awards: 2020-21 and 2021-22 FLAS Recipient in Urdu
  • Favorite class: Urdu and the Graduate Calderwood Writing Seminar
  • Advice for new students:
    • First and foremost – take care of yourself and your mental health!
    • Be open to trying things outside of your existing interests and comfort zone.
    • Be proactive about reaching out to professors when you need help!
    • Cultivate your relationships with your peers – grad school can be isolating, but they are going through the same things you are.

Ilsa Razzak

  • Degree: M.A. in South Asia Studies, Jackson School of International Studies
  • Research interests: early modern South Asia; Islam; identity in South Asia; legal histories of the subcontinent; social and cultural histories; movement and belonging
  • Final papers:Law as social history in the Fatawa-i Alamgiri“and “Sufferers, Travelers, andClaimants: Narrating Resettlement in Pakistan, 1950-1959”
  • Honors & awards: Fulbright 2020-2022
  • Favorite classes: PRSAN 454: The Epic Tradition in Iran with Prof. Aria Fani and HSTAS 502: Indian History with Prof. Purnima Dhavan
  • Advice for new students: Take breaks, find time for your hobbies, and build your community of friends (however small) who can help you relax since the quarter system is a tough one.

Sauharda Rai

  • Degree: Ph.D. in International Studies, Graduate Certificate in Global Health
  • Research interests: Global mental health; Decolonization of global health; Stigma and migration in South Asia, particularly Nepal.
  • Final papers:
    • Pathways of interaction between husband’s migration and their wife’s mental health in rural Nepal.
    • Predicting the onset of depression among the wives of labor migrants in relation to their husband’s migration.
    • The role of social ties as protective and risk factor against the onset of depression among wives of labor migrants in Nepal.
  • Honors & awards:
    • Frank F. Conlon South Asia Fellowship, 2021
    • India Association of Western Washington Scholarships for the Study of South Asia, 2020
    • Open Society Foundation – Civil Society Scholar Award, 2019
    • Chester Fritz International Research and Study Fellowship, 2019
    • Global Mental Health Fellowship, Department of Global Mental Health, University of Washington, 2019
    • Diversity and Equity Committee Travel and Research Grant, Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, 2019
    • Global Mental Health Conference Travel Grant, Department of Global Mental Health, University of Washington, 2019
    • Henry M Jackson Doctoral Fellow 2018-19, Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, 2018
  • Favorite class: Too many. But my favorites were Social Determinants of Health by Stephen Bezruchka, Global Mental Health by Deepa Rao and Statistics for Social Sciences by Jerald Herting for methods.
  • Future plans: I am joining the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at The George Washington University where I will continue to work in global mental health research focused on Nepal.
  • Advice for new students:
    • Find the right mentors and network – that is the key of how your graduate school experience is going to be. Connect with people with similar research interest and ideas.
    • Do not hesitate to apply for fellowships and grants. Keep a list of available fellowship and their deadlines. Talk to your seniors, colleagues, graduate school advisors or just google to find them and get advice on approaching each of them.
    • Though it is hard said than done, discipline is the key. Try to find at least sometime every day to focus on your own research out of your TA/RA responsibilities, course works and other million things that comes up in graduate school. In between never forget to have fun!